Trust Johnny Depp to lend his rebel edge to the film and campaign for Dior's new fragrance Sauvage. Directed by John-Baptiste Mondino, the film has Depp's personality written all over it. Depp — who is an accomplished guitarist himself — plays a few power riffs in what looks to be a recording studio, before taking off to the desert in a classic Chevy Dodge Chaser.

Cue a moody Johnny driving, semi-surrealist imagery of a bison, more slide guitar by Ry Cooder and close-ups of Depp in his smudged guyliner. In what seems to be a shamanic ritual, Depp buries his jewellery — and let's face it the guy loves his trinkets — in the desert at sunset. Say what you like, but the film is beautifully shot by Mondino — with the music and cinematography creating an evocative scene. And with the leading man's undeniable charisma and raspy voice-over... colour us intrigued.