Exploring Urban Creativity: Birkenstock’s 1774 Collection Pays Tribute to New York’s Artistic Legacy

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Birkenstock is launching new collection as part of its 1774 Spring/Summer 2024 line, inspired by the artistic experimentation and collaboration in downtown New York during the 70s and 80s.What comes to your mind when you think of New York City during the tumultuous seventies? Most turbulent periods in the city’s history, its grittier era when the city was edgy and dangerous, when visitors were advised not to venture outside of midtown Manhattan and not to walk outside anywhere after six in the evening. 

It was compelling in its contradictions: a vibrant and cheap place to live, it attracted talented young people. Almost anyone could afford to live, work and play in the New York city at that time. Times were tough yet those conditions often sparked intense bursts of creativity. The city became a hub of artistic experimentation and collaboration, where artists carved their own paths. 

Birkenstock’s new collection celebrates the enduring impact of artistic expression on culture and community. Inspired by the eclectic energy of 1970s and 1980s downtown New York, this collection is a fusion of artistic legacy and urban flair.

Max Farago’s campaign reveals the city’s creative heritage. From Cassi Namoda’s multicultural artistry to Rafael Prieto’s innovative designs, and Coco Gordon Moore’s enigmatic persona, the essence of NYC’s artistic tapestry unfolds. Together, they embody the spirit of New York’s dynamic artistic landscape. As they navigate iconic city spots, the campaign offers insights into their personal experiences of New York City. It showcases how these creative minds have pushed the boundaries of art, sculpting the city into a crucible of innovation.

As Birkenstock’s special projects and collaborations division, 1774 reimagines the classic silhouettes in fashion-forward and unique styles. The collection comprises six distinct styles, including two new developments. 

Leading the pack are the 33 Dougal and the 222 West—your new go-to shoes for making a statement. The 33 Dougal reimagines the classic Boston clog with high-shine leather and a matching buckle, oozing sophistication without sacrificing comfort. Meanwhile, the 222 West combines the best of the Arizona sandal with Boston style, giving you that sleek, functional edge you’ve been craving.

The collection also features the iconic BIRKENSTOCK Arizona, Florida and Milano silhouettes in sleek and elegant Berlin leather as well as kurkuma, carafe and green moss cazador suede renditions. The Tokio silhouette, featured in the last 1774 collection, returns in rustic shades.

The collection is now available at selected global retailers, including the House of Birkenstock on 79 Duxton Road, Singapore.