Dior spring/summer 2022: Five standout looks

Of simple cuts and colour-blocking

It was far from the usual flowy silhouettes and dramatic intricacies at Dior’s spring/summer 2022 runway show. In fact, the staging — created by artist Anna Paparatti and themed around her work of games-inspired artworks — was more of a showcase than the collection itself. And coupled with the show’s constant choreography, the focus didn’t seem to be the fashion but rather, the atmosphere.

There’s a reason why the spring/summer 2022 collection was unlike anything that artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri had ever done for the fashion house. Inspired by the works of former creative director Marc Bohan, Chiuri ventured into the ’60s and dug out Bohan’s Slim Look creations. What was lauded as the new New Look back in the day, the Dior Slim Look was essentially a sleeker version of the former.

Chiuri amped up the silhouette with colour-blocking elements and a clash of graphics for a thoroughly ’60s feel. But at times, it seemed like the collection as a whole felt underwhelming and too simple, especially given that Dior’s ateliers are one of the best in the industry. And while the inspiration did come from the ’60s, the collection felt like they belonged back in the era.

The styling too suffered from footwear that did little — if at all — to elevate each look. The main culprits, especially, were the gladiator pumps that looked entirely out of place.

There were bright (or in this case, even brighter) spots. Chiuri’s gowns may have fallen flat and weren’t too flattering on a moving body, but it was the shorter silhouettes that gave the sort of modernity that could’ve been explored more.

What: The allure of a simple short-sleeved shirt worn under a mod-like pinafore dress, with hardly any bells and whistles save for the chunky jewellery.

Why: This is the kind of simplicity that could have been amplified more and in further iterations. Ignore the footwear (I’d personally substitute them with sleek Chelsea boots or even a pair of sneakers) and this would make for a great day-to-night outfit fit for almost any occasion.

What: A classic Dior look but reworked in a slimmer and shorter silhouette that’s at once girly and powerful — almost something you’d see on the new Gossip Girl reboot.

Why: Dior cuts a mean jacket; there’s no doubt about it. This particular iteration is a subtle elevation from the norm with a super clean finish. Just this look in your wardrobe and you could conquer the world. Or at least the space around you.

What: A sporty Dior Cannage blouson paired with a bralet and a skirt designed with sporty, technical details.

Why: Once again, ignore the footwear and the look is actual one that’s easily one of the most wearable pieces in the entire Dior spring/summer 2022 collection. And not to mention that the all-white ensemble is super chic. But really, what’s got me sold here is that jacket. An instant classic.

What: A shorts-and-blazer pairing featuring a combination of two graphics.

Why: It honestly does feel a bit familiar (Prada resort 2016 comes to mind) but the combination of the graphics and colour capture the levity of what Chiuri attempted to achieve with the collection as a whole. It also feels super fresh to see Dior interpreted in a way that doesn’t involve intricate embellishments yet still immaculately executed in cut.

What: A belted cape dress that’s thoroughly ’60s but also feels undeniably Dior.

Why: Sophisticated and fun at the same time, the look was paired with knee-high boots to plump up the ’60s-mod vibe. And while that may almost be a tad costumey, it grounded the sharp and sleek lines of the dress. It’s definitely all in the silhouette and shape with this one — simple, chic, and elegant.

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