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Consider The Featured Store as an option for shopping local

  • 13.12.2021

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For the small country that we are, Singapore’s home to quite a solid array of local fashion brands spanning the affordable to more luxury-level offerings. There’s been a clear shift in the support for local fashion too — we’re more open than before to shop local. And that’s certainly a positive sign.

It’s little wonder then why The Featured Store exists. Launched in December 2019 as a physical space (located at CityLink Mall) by co-founder Jaramie Tan and partners, the concept store likens itself as an edit of some of the more affordable fashion offerings by brands based in Singapore as well as around the region. Local brands such as Blair Wears, Danity Roses, and 6style were some of the 20 brands that The Featured Store launched with. Its e-commerce platform launched soon after in June 2020, spurred on by the challenging and uncertain period that was the early stages of the pandemic. But even with the constant changes in restrictions, The Featured Store’s e-commerce platform now stocks over 150 brands of which 10 percent are from around the region.

A look by Blair Wears.

“We currently strategically only accept women-related products due to market demand, as well as the identity that we are trying to build,” Tan reveals. “We would love to expand into the men’s space in the near future. However, as we want to build an identity as a new platform in the market, we want to build a specialised pool of customer base first.”

That identity is clear from the start. Fashion pieces such as tops are offered at a starting price of about $20 for a bandeau top from Singapore-based KEI, while accessories in vegan leather start from $25. A quick search also uncovered a black bodycon dress with tasteful embellishments by Love, Fioyo going for under $130 — a piece that won’t necessarily break the bank but looks like it very well could.

Because The Featured Store prides itself on the editing that goes behind the brands and products it stocks, Tan says that there are certain requirements that brands have to meet. These include having “basic elements of branding” that comprises a proper website or Instagram presence that showcases a brand’s personality and values. In other words, 150 brands may sound like a lot for a young e-commerce platform, but they’ve undergone quite a process before becoming part of the edit.

Danity Roses is one of the first brands that The Featured Store launched with.

The offering online has expanded too. While The Featured Store tends to focus more on womenswear and accessories, that hasn’t stopped the platform from expanding into the beauty and wellness space. From fruit lip balms to an array of face masks, The Featured Store is helping to make shopping and supporting local brands easier than ever.

Discover and shop local and regional brands at The Featured Store.