Saint Laurent launches magazine featuring photographer Indigo Lewin

FANZINE is a creative platform for artists

If it’s not already evident that Saint Laurent Rive Droite is the luxury fashion house’s equivalent to a lifestyle arm — one that delves deeply into sub-cultural contexts outside of fashion — its next endeavour definitely seals the deal. Saint Laurent Rive Droite has just recently launched a magazine it’s simply calling FANZINE.

Branded as a ‘platform through which thought provoking and up-and-coming creatives can express their work and talent’, FANZINE kicks off its debut issue with guest editor Indigo Lewin. The London-born artist and photographer has included an exclusive selection of images from her extensive archive as part of the issue. But more than that, the images are accompanied by her own personal writing and notes, allowing readers to get a deeper connection with the artist and have a sense of her headspace.

Those familiar with Lewin’s work (she’s shot covers for Love Magazine), would know of her constant exploration of intimacy — one that felt even more relevant during the early stages of the pandemic. At a time where we’re told to refrain from physical touch, her images resonated with those who weren’t able to connect with people dear to them due to a myriad of factors.

For FANZINE, the images chosen largely run along the same lines of intimacy and sensuality, and with an artistic point-of-view that a photographer of her calibre is able to capture.

An exhibition consisting of Lewin’s works is also up in the Saint Laurent Rive Droite Paris and Los Angeles boutiques from 16 September 2021, and only for a limited time.

Scroll through the gallery above for a selection of Indigo Lewin’s work that are part of FANZINE.