Best body creams, serums, and devices to try in 2021: Dr. Dennis Gross, Fenty Skin, and more

Body of work

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I don’t know about you, but it is in my humble opinion that the term “beach-body ready” be forever abolished. Cast it into a state of non-existence, or feed it to that ravenous fire pit from Howl’s Moving Castle. It is regressive; it is ignorant; and most of all, it suggests that only a certain physique (read: toned and/or slender) is permitted at the beach — all of which reeks of body-shaming. Big yikes.

Instead, let me present to you my rendition of “beach-body ready”: a state of mind where you are comfortable, happy, and hydrated; wearing a cute swimsuit or cover-up; and sporting a top-to-toe healthy glow alongside SPF. The latter, in particular, holds a great amount of importance for me, seeing how I’d want my bod to complement my equally radiant mien. Below, a comprehensive rundown as to how I’ve been working towards my goal.

The body scrub: Fenty Skin Buff Ryder Exfoliating Body Scrub

If you, like me, are looking to gently remove clogs and impurities without incurring skin sensitivity, this bad boy is the one for you. This is credited to Fenty’s inclusion of superfine sand grains into their blend which ensures a thorough — yet gentle — rubdown. The addition of oils in its formula also means you’ll be left with gleaming soft skin after; a fact of which I am constantly reminded of whenever I don shorts and experience minimal chafing despite the copious amount of friction generated. A winner, indeed.

The other body scrub: Drunk Elephant Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub

I opt for this on days when my skin is being a tad problematic. Read: clogged pores galore. Its use of coffee seeds as an exfoliating agent allows for a tad more potency, where it pushes dead skin cells and debris up to the surface with just a few firm tugs. Be sure to limit its use to about two times a week, though — I suspect its powerful enough to remove a few layers of skin, if mis-used.

The do-it-all device: Dr. Dennis Gross Drx SpectraLite Bodyware Pro

Yes, it’s light therapy, but for your bod. Beyond acne and anti-ageing treatments, this baby is also developed to provide pain-relief, where anti-inflammatory red lights work their magic on achy muscles and tense spots. It has become my go-to after particularly rigorous workouts, with its speedy 14-minute duration serving as a reminder to cool-off and, well, unclench. To use, simply hold it over the desired treatment site (i.e. cool, dry skin), and pick the preferred function. Easy-peasy.

The serum: Skin Inc Body Sculpt Fit Serum

This light, watery essence is one powerhouse of a product. Beyond brightening dull, sallow-looking skin, it also tightens and firms, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, and soothes inflammation. It’s the one product I reach for when I can’t afford to spend time pampering myself; an efficacious worker that guarantees my body of work (ha, get it?) stays in tip-top shape.

The moisturiser: The Body Shop Fresh Raspberry Whipped Body Butter

You can’t go wrong with a classic. The Body Shop’s latest interpretation scents your skin with the smell of fragrant raspberries; a mild yet fruity fragrance that lingers without ever becoming cloying. Its hydration abilities are nothing to sneeze at, either; a nourishing mix that calms and soothes even the flakiest of spots (aka elbows and knees) with ease.