How to be rid of recurring zits

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  • 25.11.2021

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There’s really nothing like a pimple that recurs like clockwork. You know what we’re talking about; it’s the sense of dread that descends when you look in the mirror and find some redness in an all-too-familiar spot. We’ve seen it before, and now we resign ourselves to the inevitable emergence of our angry pimple friend. Or, perhaps not. You don’t have to resign yourself to its presence. Rather, we’ve opted to scour the internet to found out why they keep coming back — and uncover techniques to try to stop them once and for all. The lowdown, below.

Reasons for its return: The sucker is rooted underground
Just like how magma chambers are slumbering underground until they decide to erupt from the volcano, these underground pimples are the same — just that they never quite get around to actually erupting. The pimples simply swell up beneath your skin and never come to a head. More commonly known as a cyst, they develop when your pores get blockers, and facial oils are forced to take a detour from its path to the surface of your skin. Eventually due to a build up, where they start to swell and balloon under your skin until you eventually see it in the mirror. To get rid of it, try using a warm compress to first soothe the inflammation. This encourages the pus to come to the surface, so it finally forms a head. You can then (finally!) use topical treatments like Retinoid A to get rid of them.

Reasons for its return: Hormonal changes
Unfortunately, these really do come like clockwork. On the flipside, at least you have a reminder that your period is coming and to bring a spare sanitary pad with you when you leave the house. More often than not, you get these period pimples along your jawline, lower cheeks and even your neck – because your hormones are activating the sebaceous glands. If you can’t deal with it, or the breakout is bad, you can try talking to your dermatologist to get some birth control pills to help with the hormonal acne. If not, treat it as per normal with your favourite topical retinol.

Reasons for its return: Bad habits
As Ed Sheeran says, sometimes your bad habits can lead to late nights ending alone… worrying about your latest zit. Our hands are easily the dirtier parts of our bodies, just because they come into contact with the most things when we are out and about. So if you count the number of times you prop your hand against your cheek in a boring meeting or even mindlessly touch your face as you read yet another mind-numbing report, your answer to recurring acne is starting right back at you. So besides keeping your hands OFF your face and start religiously cleaning other things that come into regular contact with your face. I.e. your phone, pillowcase or even face towel.

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