NYFW 2022 serves some serious beauty Inspo

Draw the eye

The world, by and large, is taking tentative steps towards some form of normalcy. This is exhibited through eased social restrictions and a more relaxed stance on masks; a compromise of sorts to the heightened state of alert we’ve been living in since 2020. We’d like to think of it as the least terrible option amongst a pool of abysmal ones, a way of living deemed significantly more tolerable compared to the days of lockdown.

Still, it comes as a relief that New York Fashion Week is exercising caution only with regard to maintaining a safe distance at venues. In fact, no lick of restraint was shown in any other aspect — particularly when it comes to the hair and makeup, where runways were peppered with downright stunning mien and mane ensembles. We’ve gathered the best of the lot, above.

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