The non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates tired peepers

Eyes wide open

  • 27.12.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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The wonders of technology are known to many. As is the toll it can take on your skin, health, and mental psyche when utilised improperly, mind. There’s the formation of hyperpigmentation as caused by blue light exposure; feelings of inadequacy spawned from comparisons of social media channels; and even claims of eye strain that are triggered by the need to stare at screens all day. The latter, in particular, proves prominent thanks to longstanding #WFH arrangements. Oftentimes, this results in a sagging and lined eye contour area requiring a bevy of patience and eye elixirs to address. Or so we thought.

As it is, Browhaus has come up with a much speedier cure in the form of the Plasma Lift — a non-invasive procedure employing plasma energy to tighten and rejuvenate one’s skin. Get the lowdown on the full experience, below.

The premise
You might not have heard of plasma energy. The understated being is actually regarded as the fourth state of matter, where its particles are revered for its ability to travel deep into skin without causing superficial trauma. Famed beauty empire, Browhaus, has thus co-opted it for a procedure targeted at your upper and lower eyelids. This results in a stimulated rate of collagen production, thus allowing for the appearance of younger-looking peepers.

The procedure
The Plasma Lift treatment begins with a consultation, first, where an experienced therapist narrows down the best course of action based on an individual’s condition. This is followed by a jet applicator that is eased along skin to sterilise the area; a sensation best described as a light tickling. Then comes the big guns: A spot applicator bearing the magic formula to eradicate crow’s feet, lines, sagging, and the like. There’s no pain involved — rather, it feels like a short, soothing current running under skin, there and gone in a heartbeat. Once that’s done, an eye massage is conducted to act as a finishing touch.

Potential side effects include redness, dryness, and swelling along the area, though I, Beauty Editor, Emily Heng, did not experience any of the above. It is also recommended you avoid makeup for six hours post-treatment, as well as to apply liberal amounts of moisturiser and SPF.

The payoff
Expect to look more ‘awake’ than usual. If anything, we observed that dark circles appeared less prominent than before. Two treatment sessions proved enough to lessen fine lines, too, where the eye area felt more taut than before. All in all, we’d consider it a triumph in every sense of the word. Add this bad boy to your regular regime comprising eye serums and creams for optimal results.

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