Smart tech is now being incorporated into straighteners

Straight from the horse’s mouth

  • 01.11.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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Simply put, smart devices are the convergence of multiple things. TV variants, for instance, double as music players; phones work as e-books; while glasses harbour multifunctional capabilities in the vein of photo-taking and call-receiving. At this point, it’s safe to say that any sort of tech out there is fair game — where even the most mundane of objects can be revamped into its ‘smart’ rendition. As of late, this applies to heat-styling tools. More specifically, hair straighteners.

One of the brands spearheading said charge is GHD. Their latest invention? GHD Platinum+, which boasts revolutionary “predictive” technology that intuitively recognises the thickness of one’s hair, sectioned portion, and speed at which a user is styling their strands. This, then, causes the device to adjust their settings accordingly. In short: You can expect optimal temperatures and features for your locks with every use. Sweet.

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We found this to be true when we took this bad boy out for a test-drive. The heating plates seemed to cool slightly after we ran it through our thin, fragile strands; an assurance of their claims that bring forth “professional results with no extreme heat.” This can be attributed to the label’s cutting-edge infinity sensors that are said to monitor heat levels 250 times per second.

Its maximum temperature rests at 185°C — of which allows for 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine, and two times more colour protection. And while we didn’t witness a sturdier, more gleaming mane within two weeks of use, we did find that our freshly-dyed locks were spared from any sort of fading that is typically observed with sustained use of other straighteners within the sphere.

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If anything, GHD’s Platinum+ strengths lies in its versatility. Its unique wishbone hinge and swivel cord allows for easy maneuverability, meaning we could straighten our tresses and curl them with just the barest flick of a wrist. Waves, too, didn’t pose too much of a problem where we didn’t experience any weird wire snags despite having to twist and turn the straightener into various configurations.

That — coupled with the fact that the Platinum+ requires a mere 20 seconds to heat up — cemented its status as an essential in our hair stash. Bonus: It comes with a heat-resistant protective plate guard, too, making it a highly portable pick amidst a ridiculously saturated market. Suffice to say we’ll be bringing this baby along on our next big trip — and will be using it for a good long while. Until GHD comes up with another breakthrough, that is. Fingers crossed.

Available at selected Sephora stores such as Bugis+, Causeway Point, ION Orchard, and more.

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