The Gen Z beauty brands on our radar

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  • 23.11.2021
  • By Brandon Alexius Chia

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Experimentation is key when it comes to aceing your beauty game. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your first few attempts were nothing short of disasters — think Kylie Jenner in that one infamous KUTWK episode where her newfound makeup skills acquired scorn from her dad. Still, it was a relatable moment as any. Were we hot messes as we attempted to navigate the intricacies of foundation, retinol, and highlighter? Sure. Did we learn from it? Definitely. Gen Z, however, prove to be a different breed — where there are now infinite brands and resources designed specifically to assist them on their journey.

This applies particularly to novices in search of minimalist-yet-efficacious skincare and cosmetics; simplified but potent products that do the job so as to reduce the likelihood of blunders. Trust us, these folks wouldn’t touch a St. Ives Apricot Scrub with a 10-foot pole. Looking to get in on this? We promise that you definitely can, no matter your age. Below, a curation of Gen-Z catered labels to use at any phase in your life.

Selfless by Hyram
This TikTok-famous skincare guru hardly needs any introduction. Hyram has close to five million subscribers on YouTube where he is known for giving honest feedback for skincare products from low to high end. But now, the tables have turned, seeing that his skincare line will be undergoing intense scrutiny. The goal of his brand — created in collaboration with The Inkey List — is to produce high-quality products that are sustainable for the environment. What will the reviews entail? We can only wait and see, though we’d say the current product lineup proves promising enough.

Co-founders Claudia Teng and Olamide Olowe were tired of dermatologists not knowing how to treat people with darker skin, which prompted them to take matters into their own hands. Topicals utilises ingredients and herbals that are scientifically backed up by third-party clinical testing to ensure that their goods are effective and safe for all skin tones out there.

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Florence by Mills
Yes, this is the clean beauty brand founded by actress Millie Bobby Brown from Netlfix’s Stranger Things. The star led the pack for her fellow Gen Zs as one of the first big names to use her presence on social media and pop culture to launch a business at such a young age. Sure, there might have been a trifle of controversy surrounding her label when she first launched — but the influx of positive reactions from customers indicate that she is a businesswoman that is not to be trifled with.

Item Beauty
Of course, we can’t leave out one of the queens of TikTok: Addison Rae. Being exposed to all things beauty at a young age through makeup artist mother has granted her a unique view of beauty. Rae imparts her philosophy of self-expression and embracing imperfections into all of her goods; a feel-good range of lip glosses, mascaras, and moisturisers that promise to enhance one’s features rather than conceal.

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It is hard to imagine just relying on one specific key ingredient for all the products, but that is exactly what this skincare brand is doing. With their priorities focusing on strengthening our skin barrier, they’ve developed a proprietary plant-based pre and probiotic named “Kinbiome”. This magic ingredient boasts its skin brightening and oil control benefits without any irritation whatsoever. The brand is sustainable, gender-neutral, and the packaging is cute — if this doesn’t sound like everything a Gen Z person loves, we don’t know what does.

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Branding themselves as “the only teen skincare that you’ll actually want to use” is a tall order. Founder Shai Eisenman does not only formulate her products with teenagers in mind, but she also gathers feedback directly from them during focus groups. Not to mention that the website’s “Skin School” section is a useful tool for educating teens on what goes into skincare. As adults, we know how badly our hormones messed with our skin – we wished there was a brand like this during our adolescence.

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