TikTok's latest obsession has to do with cleanliness


  • 26.11.2021

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If you’ve been on TikTok, you might have found that the no-makeup-makeup look is back —  but with a step up. No longer just constrained to the makeup itself, this look combines glass skin, middle parts and particular outfit choices all in one off-duty model combo dubbed: the Clean Look.

2021’s take on the fresh faced natural makeup look, think of the Clean Look is a vibe in itself. It’s a deceptively effortless look, and will soon be another reason for men to be understandably confused when you once again explain why you took 30 minutes to get ready. If you’ve not yet seen the trend on TikTok, the Clean Look is essentially Hailey Bieber in the following slew of Instagram pics. 

Breaking down the Clean Look

Let’s start things off with the face. The look requires your complexion to sport a dewy fresh finish – which, realistically, is only achievable through expensive facials and 8 hours of sleep. Failing that, we say grab ahold of your most hydrating serums and go from there. Because of how off-duty model-esque the entire look is, you’ll also be required to create the illusion of high cheekbones, a defined jawline, as well as a luscious pout.

This is plausible if you dedicate some time to contour and to hunt down your perfect MLBB gloss. Riding on the 2021 trend, the next step to embark upon is to brush through your brows with a clear gel s as to get them soft and fluffy looking. It goes without saying that all the beauty products to use should be cream products to ensure the glow stays.

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For your hair, break out your middle part if you haven’t already succumbed to it, and pull it back so there’s no chance of hiding behind your luscious locks. It’s a clean look, so it’s advised that you pull it back neatly, with no face framing pieces. Yep, those days of tumblr messy buns are far behind us now. Whip out your claw clip if you have one for a sweet finishing touch.

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Accessories wise, you’d want to grab some gold huggies and a simple chain to go along with it. Grab some oversized black shades to perch on the top of your head, or commit to wearing it over your eyes everywhere you go. Throw on some neutral or monochrome clothing, preferably with long pants, and you’re set. Now you have two choices, embrace it as a way of life, or create a TikTok to acknowledge you’re trendy and then hop right back into your own brand of off-duty.

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