Up your skincare routine with these lifestyle changes

Let’s aim for an upgrade

  • 09.12.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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Is there anything more disheartening — but also, motivating — than the idea that there’s always room for improvement? We think not. The mindset is what spurred the most innovation of inventions ranging from wireless earbuds to self-driving cars; a sentiment well-understood by beauty buffs constantly striving to do the best by their mien. In the case of the latter, however, we recommend pulling back the lens and looking at the bigger picture. Sometimes, the answer to a healthier complexion doesn’t lie purely in bottles of elixirs and potions, but rather, in small dietary and lifestyle adjustments that make more of a difference than you’d realise. Here’s the ones that have proved particularly effective for us:

1. Opting for better-quality sheets
Newsflash: The rough, scratchy quality of your sheets isn’t doing your complexion any favours. As with mask-wearing, the constant friction can lead to the formation of pimples dubbed acne mechanica. Instead, we recommend fabrics made of silk or Lyocell — this material is manufactured in such a way that it imitates the smoothness of silk but with better durability and better washability. A personal favourite remains the sheets and duvets from Weavve Home, whose cooling properties bring an extra degree of comfort to heat- and inflammatory-prone skin.

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2. Acquiring high-quality products that do the most for your skin — in all aspects
And by this, we mean re-looking at just about everything you’re using and evaluating the extent of their usability. As of late, we’ve discovered the importance of utilising premium nipple stickers — a decision that has saved our skin from further chafing and irritation. Our top pick? Barebodies; reusable, waterproof, and sweat-resistant nipsticks that come available in four hues — because beige doesn’t constitute as “nude” for everyone. Preach.

3. Investing in a humidifier
While you can’t do anything about Singapore’s relentless heat, you can control the insulated space that makes up your room or abode. A humidifier helps increase air hydration levels by creating moisture into an environment. This, in turn, moisturises the outer layer of your skin more effectively, thus allowing for your complexion to build a stronger barrier against bacteria, pollution and other harmful environmental assaults. Translation: Smoother, dewier skin with sustained use. You’re welcome.

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4. Getting on the beauty supplement train
Singapore is notoriously strict when it comes to regulating the quality of health supplements, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be putting anything dodgy in your system. We say pick a variety suited to your needs — Swisse does a great Hair, Skin, and Nails formula that assists with overall strengthening and growth. Failing that, anything with biotin, zinc, or vitamin C boosts collagen generation that makes for bouncier, younger-looking skin.

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5. Add green tea into the mix
This is particularly useful for anyone who suffers from easily irritated and inflamed skin. We noticed positive changes once we integrated green tea into our daily breakfast, where consumption led to a reduced amount of redness and breakouts. Beyond that, green tea is also recognised for offering both cancer-prevention as well as immune system support.

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6. Reduce the water temperature when showering
It’s as simple as that. Not only do scalding-hot temperatures dry-out and irritate skin, it is said to damage keratin cells located on the epidermis, which then prevents cells from locking in hydration. In short: Ensure a balmy (but not boiling!) temperature when indulging in bath-time.

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