The pill to banish Asian flush and hangovers

Your newest drinking buddy

  • 13.12.2021

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We love the delightful buzz from a night out of drinking, but do we really know what alcohol does to our bodies apart from lowering our inhibitions and the occasional lifelong embarrassment? As we drink, the alcohol converts into acetaldehyde – a chemical compound that’s 10 times more toxic. This is also what causes the dreaded side effects of drinking (that we casually forget about while getting ready for a fun night out) of nausea, headaches and hangover. It also causes the bane of our existence – Asian flushing. Yes, our heritage shines bright even in the dimness of bars and nightclubs. But hey, at least we’re not alone. About 50% of East Asians lack the ALDH2 enzyme that is needed to break down the toxic chemical compound.

Enter Drinkaid – an innovative supplement made of powerful antioxidants and organic herbs that work to reduce acetaldehyde levels, and also counter its effects. It’s all natural, so the ingredients range from hangover classics like ginger extract, to something more exotic such as Japanese Raisin Tree, which helps alleviate headaches, curb liver damage from alcohol, and increases acetaldehyde breakdown. This means that taking the pill will help reduce our Asian flush, ease the headache, nausea and other nasty consequences. At the same time, it allows us to be functional the next day. In fact, with all the natural goodness packed into it, they say it might even boost productivity in the morning.

We like how they also packaged it in little airtight sachets, so it’s really easy to bring around with you, whether in your purse or pocket so you’re well prepared for any impromptu drinking sessions. 

Find out more about Drinkaid here.