Where to get unique Mother’s Day bouquets in Singapore to surprise your mom

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BURO Singapore has curated bouquet choices you simply can’t go wrong with
Mother’s Day Garden Paradise At Paragon

As Mother’s Day buzz fills the air, you might face the dilemma: how to show your appreciation in a way that feels authentic and meaningful? Well, bouquet may seem like a classic choice, but hear us out—flowers are so much more than just a cliché gift. They’re a vibe, a mood, and the ultimate way to show Mom your love. 

Think about it: flowers are like nature’s Instagram filter, instantly brightening any space and bringing those good vibes. Plus, they’re basically the self-care treat. A bouquet isn’t just a bunch of pretty petals—it’s a reminder to slow down, take a breath, and appreciate the little things. And let’s not forget the power of symbolism. Each bloom carries its own message, whether it’s love, gratitude, or simply, “Hey, you’re awesome.” 

This year we’ve headed to Whimsical Mother’s Day Garden Paradise by The Floral Atelier at Paragon and picked the most beautiful and unique bouquets to treat your mom! Give your Mom the gift of flowers and watch her heart bloom.

Ice cream bouquet 

For this Mother’s Day The Floral Atelier presents its latest creation, a series of fun Ice Cream Bouquets. This is an antidote to the usual bunch of  tulips or roses. These charming arrangements consist of vibrant, everlasting blooms nestled in an oversized faux ice cream cone. It’s a playful twist on the traditional bouquet, perfect for showing Mom some love. Think of it as a sweet treat for the soul!

Eternity bouquet 

Wish your mom could enjoy your gift longer than a  few days? With this option she will enjoy the beauty of flowers…forever. The Eternity Collection features the curated selection of the highest quality preserved and dried flowers and evergreen foliages. These bouquets  will continue to be her daily source of love, inspiration, excitement, and joy for years to come.

Floral extravaganza

Each unique arrangement of ‘Colours of My World’ collection comprises premium florals in vibrant colors, hues, and tones, symbolizing the nurturing affection and love of a mom, who is the Colours of our World. Specially curated, rare in-season premium flowers from around the world are meticulously crafted by floral artisans and accompanied by exclusive packaging.

All bouquets are available for delivery or self-collection only from 7 – 13 May, while stocks last.

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