Five Hermès gifts under $500 to splurge on

Live life a little luxuriously

  • 24.11.2021

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As a luxury house, Hermès is pretty much one of the top-tier names that have such a storied history. Hearing anything ‘Hermès’ would immediately conjure up images of the maison’s iconic Kelly and Birkin handbags. In other words: far out of reach for a majority of us.

Yet, Hermès is more than just its five-digit-priced status symbols. The maison’s more affordable offerings are crafted with the same craftsmanship and know-how so it isn’t that unattainable to own a piece of Hermès. Its silks, for example, are still being made using the same techniques from when they were first made, and are priced within the hundreds. And considering that they’re works of art in their own right, that’s not too bad of a price.

With the festivities right around the corner and having survived yet another pandemic-ridden year, it perhaps is time to treat yourself. Five pieces from Hermès, each for under $500? You better believe that it’s possible. And no, these are no run-off-the-mill options; nothing by Hermès ever are.

De l’Ombrelle aux Duels sticker silk twilly, $350

There’s nothing quite like Hermès silks, especially when it comes to their versatility. The twilly is but one of the maison’s famed creations that you’d typically see tied pretty tightly around the top handles of Hermès bags. But if you’re looking for a neck accessory that’ll provide just a pop of vibrant print (without much excess fabric), the twilly’s just-right length is the way to go. Or simply turn one into a bracelet — it’s that versatile.

Quadrige enamel and gold-plated bangle, $460

When it comes to Hermès bracelets, the go-tos are usually the robust Collier de Chien and Kelly bracelets. For something a bit more dainty (and let’s face it: affordable), there are the narrow enamel bracelets to consider. They’re not as bulky as the wider variations and that means that you’re able to stack them in multiple clashing colours and patterns. And I don’t know about you but I love it when they clink with every movement.

Tarmac leather passport holder, $370

Leisure travel is finally a possibility, folks. After more than a year of not seeing the light of day, what better way to mark a new chapter with a brand-new passport holder? The maison’s Tarmac passport holder comes in an array of colours but this particular ‘Rose Été’ iteration captures that spirit of new adventures rather beautifully. With the maison’s expertise in leather, you can also be certain that it’ll be a lasting travel companion.

Amulette Maroquinier buffalo horn earrings, $480

Hermès may not be the trendiest of luxury fashion houses, but this cheeky, odd-pairing of two differently shaped pair of earrings taps into the maison’s playful nature. It’s made from buffalo horn and topped with permabrass-plated hardware for a tonal visual. Wear them together or pick one to wear on just one side for an edgier look. Who said Hermès can’t be hip, young, and cool?

Eperon d’Or sticker silk scarf 45, $390

If not leather, Hermès silks are really the way to go. Its silk carrés (literally ‘squares’ in French) are known for their vibrant prints and with multiple colours artfully combined in just one scarf. This particular piece measures 45 cm by 45cm and is already a decent size that can be worn in more than just one way. There’s also a unique touch of a silk patch in the silhouette of a dog sewn right at the corner — something that’s not particularly common.