First Look: Inside the Newly Renovated Amara Singapore Rooms

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Design firm Studio HBA, a division of Hirsch Bedner Associates has given the rooms of Amara Singapore a new look as part of the hotel’s recent refurbishment. Aiming to design a space that resonates with the soul of the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood, this collaboration is all about experiences defined by community, nuance, and diversity.

“Amara Singapore has seen immense transformation in the past 38 years since it was first established in 1986. Evolving alongside Tanjong Pagar over the past four decades, we have adopted a design philosophy that pays homage to the hotel’s culturally rich environs,” said Dawn Teo, Senior Vice President of Amara Hotels and Resorts.

The new design captures the hotel’s role as the vibrant social epicentre of the neighbourhood. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Tanjong Pagar’s cultural heritage, every corner tells a story. From the bustling hawker stalls at Tanjong Pagar Plaza to the timeless charm of the Chinatown Historic District’s shophouses, and the serene beauty of Duxton Plain Park’s heritage trees—these aesthetic references create a visual symphony of past and present.Step into the guest room corridors of Amara Singapore, and you embark on a tactile voyage through the area’s storied history. Intricately designed wallcoverings pay homage to the textured alleyways of neighboring shophouses. This motif transitions into the guestrooms, where a palette of earthy and natural textures sets the tone. Earthy textures fill the guestrooms, with timber laminate, tan leather, and black metal accents. Handcrafted porcelain tiles in bathrooms evoke traditional shophouse charm, adding artisanal flair. The harmonious fusion of wood, earthy tones, and verdant accents echoes the design ethos of nearby historical landmarks. The interplay between wood, earthy material, and green accents is a symphony of design elements from the iconic historical stalwarts in the vicinity. This is further encapsulated by the lamps curated for each room, with their lamp shades evoking the quiet elegance of Chinese calligraphy and art found throughout the Chinatown Historic District.With sustainability now being a key factor when it comes to choosing hotels, Amara Singapore is embracing eco-luxury. Each room features energy-efficient air-conditioning and motion sensor lighting. In-room filtered water taps provide fresh drinking water, while eco-friendly elements blend seamlessly with traditional Chinese motifs, echoing the area’s cultural heritage.

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