Best cycling trails in Singapore: Coast to Coast, Coney Island, Pulau Ubin, and more

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Amidst the global pandemic, we’ve all been no stranger to home workouts — spending an hour lying in pools of our own sweat upon completing a home workout directed from a person on screen. However, for those feeling slightly claustrophic at home and the insaitiable need for speed, an outdoor run alone just won’t cut it. Hop on a bike and ready those tracking apps, there are a couple of trails around our city that are worth your time. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or beginner cyclist, here’s the shortlist.

For seasoned veterans:
Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Trail

This trail is not for the faint-hearted. Spanning an impressive 36km, the trail cuts across 18 parks and nature areas and 11 park connectors, including the likes of Bukit Batok Nature Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Coney Island. This route is perfect if you enjoy a quick dash and sprint across the green spaces that Singapore has to offer, and if you’re looking for a challenge. Remember to stock up on the water bottles and refreshments, and download the Coast-to-Coast (C2C) mobile app to make the most out of your adventure. Start at Jurong Lake Gardens.

For off-road enthusiasts:
Pulau Ubin

For those of you more comfortable on a mountain bike, or if you simply feel uneasy riding on the road next to loud and fast cars wheezing by, hop on a ferry to Pulau Ubin, an island largely untouched by urban Singapore. There is plenty to see for everybody, including remnants of Singapore in the past, abundant forests and exciting swamps. Grab an off-terrain bike and take a trip through a rustic village, traverse Pulau Ubin’s highest hill, and chance upon some wild boars. Try your best not to get too carried away, or you might just miss your ferry back. Start at Pulau Ubin Village.

For Singapore’s best urban landscapes:
Eastern Coastal Loop

If you’re a fan of the urban jungle that Singapore has transformed into, you’d be able to experience the full spectacle here. Enter breathtaking views of the modern architechture and skyscrapers that inhibit Singapore’s CBD, the Eastern Coastal Loop takes you around Singapore’s most famous landmarks, including the Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Flyer. Be sure to snap a quick Instastory of the sunset while you’re overlooking the Singapore skyline from Bay East Garden. Start at Tanjong Rhu promenade.

For cafe hoppers:
Punggol’s Northern Eastern Riverine Loop

Punggol is the perfect town to experience the greenery of Singapore. Spanning an impressive 26km, this trail connects four different parks – starting at Punggol Park and ending at Buangkok Park Connector. Along the trail you will be rewarded with stunning riverside and wetland views. Additionally, you would be able to stumble upon many cafes — hidden gems serving up much needed lunch and coffee breaks along your adventure, like Whisk and Paddle. Start at Punggol Park.

For park lovers:
Western Adventure Loop

The west isn’t just famous for its shopping malls. It is also home to a picturesque cycling trail, starting from Bukit Batok Town Park and ending at Pang Sua Park Connector, where you will be able to discover many unique features that these Singapore parks have. Be treated to a visual spectacle: a rock cliff by the lake at Little Guilin, an untouched quarry at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and two beautiful butterfly gardens at Pang Sua Pond, all waiting to be snapped on your phone’s camera. Start at Bukit Batok Town Park.

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