Best training apps to download: Ritual Anywhere, Les Mills On Demand, No Sweat, and more

Best training apps to download: Ritual Anywhere, Les Mills On Demand, No Sweat, and more

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Text: Anna Aye

The end is near with isolation and stay home routines. As Singapore gears up for Phase 2 of the post-circuit breaker, we're psyched to get back into our favourite gyms and studios. But if there's anything the last past (challenging) months have drilled in us, it's that we can pretty much work out anywhere, anytime. As long as we have the right resources.

Quite recently, new training apps have been birthed by existing gyms and fitness brands, a snappy solution in response to the pandemic. For starters, they have turned working out at home into an organised endeavour. They also hold us accountable and meticulously track our progress as we go along. And now that we're bracing ourselves to get back out there into the world, they have also made an actual gym a lot less intimidating.

Now that we've well assimilated our sweat sessions at home, these are the apps that we are keeping stored on our devices.

Ritual Anywhere

Ritual stands as one of the first and fastest gyms to roll out an interactive app since stay-home notices were sanctioned. And boy does this app stays true to its name. Their HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts deliver the same amount of power and endurance in their signature 30-minute sessions. Ritual Anywhere allows you to experience your personalised HIIT session from home, with their workouts adapted for any place, with any type of equipment (or even none at all).

Best training apps to download: Ritual Anywhere, Les Mills On Demand, No Sweat, and more (фото 1)

The plaform weaves in an integrated timer, customised user settings to fit your individual fitness goals (e.g to get stronger or burn fat), as well as checkpoints to assess your fitness level and work up a tailor-made fitness regimen just for you. There's no excuse to not break a sweat with this nifty download. Embark on your fitness journey before the end of June, as members of the public get to enjoy it for free till the 31st of this month.

Download Ritual Anywhere here.

No Sweat

Best training apps to download: Ritual Anywhere, Les Mills On Demand, No Sweat, and more (фото 2)

Tyen Rasif, personal trainer and host of Clicknetwork's fitness show "No Sweat", launched a training app that lets you in on customised fitness programmes. What sets this one apart from the rest, you ask? Well, Tyen's app allows you to sign up for four- week, twelve-week and one year plans respectively, to better cater to your short and long-term fitness goals. You decide your level of commitment and stick to it, giving you a sense of accomplishment when she fills in your individual assessments for you at the end of each journey.

Download No Sweat here.

Train: At Home

Trying out boxing may be intimidating for first-timers, but UBX Training brings its signature training methodology to your home. The strength and boxing franchise from Australia (known as 12RNDS) has recently opened up a branch on our shores at Holland Village, and now an app has been launched in the same vein. Going through their 12-round structure of training, each lasting 3 minutes with 30 seconds of rest in between, you'll find that getting your body in peak fighting shape is a lot more manageable than you thought.

Best training apps to download: Ritual Anywhere, Les Mills On Demand, No Sweat, and more (фото 3)

With emphasis on form and movement, the UBX Train: At Home app guides you through every single round, making sure that you're able to clock in those minutes of HIIT boxing from home. Experience their in-club routines at home while playing upbeat boxing tracks of your choice, no fancy equipment needed.

Download Train: At Home here.

Les Mills On Demand

For the uninitiated, Les Mills is a New Zealand company striving to see a fitter planet, providing licensed workout routines to fitness clubs and gyms. With their app, Les Mills On Demand, you can now get access to all of their online workouts — including yoga, strength, cardio, HIIT, dance and more. All workout routines were scientifically developed to promise you results that you can achieve from home. Whether you're a beginner or a certified fitness junkie, Les Mills has 3-12 week workout plans for you to choose from.

Les Mills

Imagine having world-class instructors push and motivate you through each and every workout, while being able to choose the kind of equipment to use during these workouts. Live fitness classes are also offered for those wanting to engage in virtual interactions in real time.

Download Les Mills On Demand here.
Check out other virtual fitness classes to join here.

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