Prada's latest scent for men is elemental

Prada's latest scent for men is elemental

Back in black

Text: Renée Batchelor

With its new scent for men, Luna Rossa Carbon, Prada bottles the scent of black

Strong as the hardest rock, black as the darkest night, carbon is an element that gives us both graphite and diamonds — such is its versatility and usefulness. And to see it as a perfuming inspiration is interesting to say the least. The newest fragrance from Prada's Luna Rossa family is Carbon, an iconoclastic fougère that mixes classic, metallic notes in a radical, new way.  This concoction brings together "steam-distilled botanicals and synthetics in a mineral-forward mix" according to the brand. And what exactly does the element smell like? Prada has banked on metallic notes of lavender, the green citrus of vert de Bergamote from Italy, patchouli and dry amber to convey that feeling of wet soil and rock. Would you want to smell of carbon though? The answer is a distinct yes, as the fragrance manages to get creative while not taking these inspirations too literally.Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

As with everything from Prada, gentlemen, you can expect pretty cool packaging as well. Taking its cues from the "visual depth of slate, coal or jet, but with complex textures," the bottle's base is black with a velvety texture, while the glass of the flaçon is both black and transparent at once. Cutting into the facade of the bottle is Prada's distinctive red stripe, lending an architectural touch. Well, if you can't afford the brand's well-cut suits and snazzy dress shoes, perhaps starting out with the fragrance will lend you that crisp and confident air.

From $105. At selected department stores and Sephora outlets