Best gyms in CBD for a quick, effective workout: Barre Lab, Barry's Singapore, Absolute Cycle, and more

Best gyms in CBD for a quick, effective workout: Barre Lab, Barry's Singapore, Absolute Cycle, and more

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Text: Marielle Solano

It's easy to imagine yourself working out on a weekday, but executing the fantasy can be hard. Of course, the chances are higher if you already work within close parameters to a good gym. Be it for the mornings, lunchtime or the golden hour evenings, your last excuse just went out the window with these gyms planted in the Central Business District.

The Yoga School

When it comes to the kind of workout that puts a gentle smile on your face and resets your mind's center, yoga's your go-to. No sounds of cars honking will disturb your focus towards achieving inner peace – a state that eluded even Master Shifu – in The Yoga School's "sanctuary in the sky". *Inhale, exhale. The Yoga School

Name of session(s): Flow; Dharma II; Universal Yoga; Build
Usual timings for early birds: 7.30am-8.30am
#39-01/08, 65 Chulia Street, Tel: 6532 8228
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Off Duty Pilates

Reformer meets TRX suspension ropes – such is the match made in heaven to be found in Off Duty Pilates' hybrid sessions. Their take on traditional pilates is mixed with cardio-focused exercises; a more intense version of weighted stretches and core-engaging poses await the early riser there.Off Duty Pilates TRX suspension rope

Name of session(s): Restore; TRXHIIT
Usual timings for early birds: 7.30am-8.25am
Level 2, 5A/6A Craig Road
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BEATX Studio

If heart-pumping is what you're looking for, BEATX Studio is where you'll find it. Technically, it's their Hybrid Training HIIT-style session that's all the rage (read our review here) but they've done us a solid and created a morning boxing session – conducted by founder Joel Tan, no less – just as intense and perfect to get you pumped up for the workday.BEATX Studio

Name of session(s): Battleground (Rush Hour) – Boxing Edition
Usual timings for early birds: 7.30am-8.05am
#06-03, 20 Cecil Street, Tel: 6535 3572
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Barre Lab

Don't be fooled by the seeming simplicity of exercising by an innocent-looking barre – the workout draws its philosophies and teachings from the well-loved practices of ballet, pilates, and yoga, culminating in a fat-burning, body-sculpting session guaranteed to work targeted muscle groups to their limits. Barre Lab helps you get in touch with the dancer in you, and even if you're a complete beginner, you're bound to feel empowered from going through that exquisite combination of technique and mindfulness.Barre Lab Duxton

Name of session(s): Barre Power; Barre 101
Usual timings for early birds: 7.15am-8.10am, 8am-8.55am
60B Duxton Road, Tel: 9646 7209
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Barry's Singapore

We're greedy when it comes to fitness (among other things) – just put both cardio and strength exercises in the same session, and we're completely sold. Barry's Singapore switches around their workouts of the day, so you'll never have to worry that you have too many upper body gains while your lower body slacks off.Barry's Singapore

Name of session(s): (Mon) Arms & Abs; (Tue) Full Body–Lower Focus; (Wed) Chest, Back & Abs; (Thu) Abs & Ass; (Fri) Total Body
Usual timings for early birds: 7am-7.50am, 8am-8.50am
#03-03, 18 Robinson Road, Tel: 8666 0303
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Last year's aqua boxing fitness trend still packs as much of a punch in 2019 – and what better way to release some of that pent-up frustration (work-related or not) than to box it out in a stylish boutique studio? Uppercut's non-combative format classes and accompanying tunes promise to get the aggression out of your system, before or after an exhausting day in the office.
Uppercut boxing

Name of session(s): Undercard; Overthrow
Usual timings for early birds: 7.15am-8.05am
Level 2, 155A/157A Telok Ayer Street, Tel: 6224 1157
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Absolute Cycle

You know the saying "love what you do, and you'll never work a day"? Cliché as it may be, it does happen to be very applicable to working out. By our own accounts, rhythm cycling at Absolute Cycle does the trick, its signature class a combination of traditional spinning and getting your groove on. Just tune all your senses into the heart-pumping music played throughout the class, and 11 songs later, you'll still be bopping your head to a phantom cheery beat as you power walk through the hustle of your day.Rhythm cycling at Absolute Cycle

Name of session(s): Absolute Beats
Usual timings for early birds: 7am-7.45am
#02-01 OUE Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way, Tel: 6220 2688
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boOm Singapore

Eye-catching name aside, boOm Singapore is another contender for aqua boxing smack in the middle of CBD – only this one combines that popular style of boxing with HIIT workouts, all within a 45-minute session. And they promise variety in every class conducted to make sure you're always on your toes – so if you're bored of the drab repetitiveness plaguing some days of the week, at least your morning sessions can offer a silver lining in the form of fresh, sweaty relief.
Aqua boxing plus HIIT workout

Name of session(s): BoomCIRCUIT; BoomBox
Usual timings for early birds: 7.10am-7.55am; 7.15am-8.00am; 8.20am-9.05am
B1-00 TPI Building, 62 Cecil Street, Tel: 6224 0323
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*For the most updated class timetables, visit the gyms' websites regularly. Timings stated here do not account for weekend mornings.

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