Fitness review: Rhythm cycling

Fitness review: Rhythm cycling

When the beat drops...

Text: Janice Sim

Your first workout of 2018? Right here at Absolute Cycle

The lowdown: This workout has all the makings of a stimulating club night — but instead of conquering the dance floor in 3-inch stilettos, you're pedaling fast on a stationary bike. Our verdict? The latter is a lot more fun, and you get to burn up to 500 calories. The origin of rhythm cycling helms from New York and for the first time, the free-spirited workout has embarked on our shores with the recent opening of Absolute Cycle at OUE Downtown Gallery. What sets it apart from the spin classes that most of us are used to, is its deliberate focus on music. Each class is orchestrated to the beat of heart-pumping tunes, expertly designed sequences, illuminating lights (just like the ones you see in Zouk), and last but not least, an empowering instructor to lead you in a immersive mash-up of grooving and cycling.

A whole session features a total of 11 songs (with specific beats per minute), purposefully chosen as each of them trains different muscle groups and switches between fat burn, endurance, metcon (metabolic conditioning) and HIIT, with a little help of weights. Some of the moves do require a little limb coordination — but even if you're the world's worst dancer, the repetitive movements are simple enough to grasp and keep up with. For instance, doing a push-up (which feels like you're head-banging to the beat of the song) while cycling at full speed. Surprisingly, it was a blast. 

Rhythm cycling at Absolute Cycle

What I loved about the class: Definitely the direction from our energising instructor, Ciara Williams. Her uplifting energy didn't make me feel nervous or new to the class, but instead, was infectious to liven up the room and boost our confidence levels. The change in lights also conditioned my body to alternate between more intense and cool-down routines without any difficulty at all. Lastly, you can't go wrong with Beyonce's 7/11 in a playlist. Major props to that.

What to bring: Your lazy, self-loathing self. You'll feel empowered and recharged within one session. Not forgetting, water to hydrate and a towel — be prepared for a sweat sesh.  

Good to know: You can have two left feet and still kick ass in this class. Don't worry, we can testify to that. The ultimate goal is getting a good workout clocked in, and not competing in a dance-off. 


Name of session: Absolute Beats 
Try it out here: Absolute Cycle
Duration of session: 45 minutes
Difficulty: How fast or hard you cycle is ultimately up to you. You may align the intensity of the workout to your stamina level. 

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