International Yoga Day: Pure Yoga on the poses we should be doing more of

International Yoga Day: Pure Yoga on the poses we should be doing more of

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Text: Marielle Solano

Image: Pure Yoga

Say what you will about yoga, but you can't deny that its teachings on breathing and its acute emphasis on tuning in to what your body needs has made it one of the most well-loved forms of fitness activities today. That's why today on June 21, we commemorate International Yoga Day with some tips shared by Pure Yoga teacher Natasha Hashim about the poses we've been neglecting on our journey to nirvana. Make it a point to strive for safe, stable transitions from one pose to another. This will strengthen your muscles as well as provide a better stability for balance, core and coordination.

#1: Warrior 3
Benefits: Strengthens abdominal muscles and conditions the body for better balance and posture.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Warrior 3 Pose, International Yoga Day

#2: Camel Pose
Benefits: Helps with breath functionality and strengthens back muscles for better spine mobility. This pose is also a heart opener, which over a longer period of time helps stimulate a balanced nervous system.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Camel Pose, International Yoga Day

#3: Wheel
Benefits: Total body strength conditioning pose that strengthens the spine and stretches the back.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Wheel Pose, International Yoga Day

#4: Uttanasana
Benefits: Actively stretches the hips, calves and hamstrings and strengthens the thighs and knees, promoting a more balanced nervous system.
Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Uttanasana Pose, International Yoga Day

#5: Chair
Benefits: Tones abs, butt and thighs.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Chair Pose, International Yoga Day

#6: Twisted Chair
Benefits: Improves upper body strength and flexibility.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Twisted Chair Pose, International Yoga Day

#7: Extended Side Angle
Benefits: Strengthens lower body, relieves tension in the upper body and improves endurance.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Extended Side Angle Pose, International Yoga Day

#8: Salabhasana/Locust
Benefits: Strengthens core and back muscles.Pure Yoga Natasha Hashim Salabhasana Locust Pose, International Yoga Day