Fitness review: Hybrid Training at BEATX Studio

Fitness review: Hybrid Training at BEATX Studio

Tried and tested

Text: Janice Sim

The lowdown: If you ever questioned how long 40 minutes can feel like, this class will show you the way. But before you stop reading, this is one session that’s highly touted for calorie-burn. Simply put, all the hard work, pain (and some tears) would be worth it at the end of the day. Just make sure you wear a fitness tracker or an Apple Watch to document the results. Executed in HIIT fashion, the class takes you through quick brief station workouts that work every single muscle from the neck-down to your toes.

Bart, who was our instructor for the session, led us through reps of treadmill sprints bounded by varying degrees of speed, followed by a slew of circuit training exercises that involved working arms on the air bike, lifting weights, push-ups on the TRX and many more. The exercises felt dynamic enough, albeit the pain; but its saving grace was the timer that ticked rapidly before the next workout was due. Some of them will feel harder than others, but that’s based off one’s individual strength and weakness. In my case, running on a controlled speed just wasn’t a place that I could shine. But of course, I can imagine fitness enthusiasts thriving in their element here.

What I loved about the class: The circuit workouts were engaging and somehow different from other typical ones found in other HIIT classes. The session also encouraged execution with the company of a partner, as most of the stations only had two machines/pieces of equipment. Bart, our instructor was patient while guiding us through the entire sequence; exuding bonhomie through and through. However, given the size of the class (which added up to be about 25 people), perhaps a second trainer onsite would have been a tad more helpful to facilitate the session.  

What to bring: A motivating partner. Even though there are no partner-based workouts, the stations are designed to be accomplished two at a time, for easier navigation around the stations. 

Good to know: For first-timers, you might feel a little like a headless chicken. But don’t worry, while the extensive set can be slightly challenging to grasp at the start, you’ll get more clarity on what you’re supposed to do after your third station. Also, don’t pick the showers closest to the sinks. Let’s just say, we might or might not have witnessed a clear silhouette of a naked chick toweling off.


Name of session: Hybrid Training
Try it out here: BEATX Studio
Duration of session: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Be mentally prepared for an intensive session. If you have no prior HIIT experience, this workout might be impossible to finish.  

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