Fitness review CruBox Singapore on Duxton Road is the new kid on the boxing circuit

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The lowdown: From the founders behind the ever-popular CruCycle comes CruBox, located just three floors above its spinning counterpart. Buzz your way up to the fourth floor where you’ll step right into the fitness studio once you exit the lift. Decked out in a sleek and minimalistic design, navigation is easy in the intimate setting; you can easily locate the lockers and changing rooms. The 50-minute group bag class didn’t feel as long as it sounds — time flew by as we went through the alternating sets of strength training and music-driven boxing cardio workouts, along to our coach’s encouragement throughout the entire class.

Bebe Ding, our coach for the session kick-started off the class with warm-up (arm circles and squats) and went through the basics of boxing moves — from attacking jabs and uppercut to the defensive dodges. This quickly transited to strength training where you can expect planks, push-ups and jump squats. Boxing gloves were worn and here’s the fun part — you get to execute all the boxing moves on the punching bag. Another round of strength training and punching bag boxing was in order. The last part of the class was the warm down that involved various lounge stretches and everyone’s favorite  child’s pose. For non-avid fitness junkies, the class could be a little challenging but you can take down a notch and carry out the moves at your own pace and pick up wherever everyone else is at.

What I loved about the class: The killer playlist. The heavy beats and upbeat tunes were the motivation that kept me going throughout the class. Even if you are lacking in the arm coordination department, follow closely to the music, put on your best fierce boxer look and you’ll be looking like a pro in no time. Although there were sets of moves that we had to follow, it’s entirely up to your pace — finding that jump-squat set especially challenging? Take a break, collect your breath and then continue again whenever you’re ready. Don’t worry, there will be no judgements. 

What to bring: Another inexperienced boxer-friend; along with any pent-up frustration. Nothing says comradery more than the both of you struggling with planks and jump-squats. The sense of accomplishment will be something worth celebrating after huffing and puffing your way through the classLet it all out. Transfer whatever negative emotions to the punching bag — it’s extremely exhilarating and refreshing. 

Good to know: Just come in sportswear and shoes — hand wrap gloves and boxing gloves are provided for members. First timers might find it hard to keep up with the moves and use of boxing jargon (hook, uppercut and jab), but we had visual guidance from our instructor who boxed and carried out cardio workouts together with everyone else on a raised platform. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Did we mention that if you are lucky, you might get some dog therapy and play catch with the gym-pet corgi?


Name of session: Group Bag Class
Try it out here: CruBox Singapore, 68 Duxton Rd, #04-01, Singapore 089527
Duration of session: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Get ready for a sweaty session and aching arms, back and thighs the next day. 

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