Artur Zolkiewicz: Buro. Singapore Outdoor Workout Playlist #195

Let the sunshine in

Text: Artur Zolkiewicz

Editor: Tracy Phillips

There is a lot of research proving the positive correlation between music and exercise  listening before athletics has been shown to increase energy, facilitate relevant imagery and improve the performance of simple tasks. The music you choose for exercise can make the difference between a great class that is over before you know it and one in which you will find yourself constantly glancing at your watch and willing to leave as soon as possible! My first residency at The Sanchaya in August last year was also the first time I visited this beautiful estate, so I only knew it from pictures, videos and the hotel's Instagram feed. For this reason, it took a lot of visualising and searching for the tunes that felt right and which I thought would suit the ambience of the stylish estate and appeal to my clients there. In the lead up to my residency, I tried to imagine myself teaching a class in the yoga pavilion at the serene beachfront of Bintan. Anytime I heard a song which I thought would suit, I saved it to a Spotify playlist which I created especially for my residency.

I believe that there are places in this world which, when you visit them, can impact your life, change the way you think and guide you in a slightly different direction than the one you've been following until the point you visited them. I feel like The Sanchaya has been one of those places for me. This playlist has been inspired by my first residency at The Sanchaya, the people I met, the memories I made and the ideas I had there. As I look forward to my second residency, which begins on 22 March, I have been listening to this playlist to help me get into the mood for my time there.

"Cloud Rider" by Paul Kalkbrenner is an amazing track that always makes me feel like I'm in the clouds. It's one of those songs which can always lift you up and motivate you to do stuff! The beat that "Remember Me" by Blue Boy starts with is just incredible. I love listening to it when I'm cycling because it always makes me go faster and pedal stronger! This was also the track I started my morning class at The Sanchaya with.

Black Coffee is a DJ who was in a serious accident when he was 14 years old and which left one of his arms disabled. Despite his disability, Black Coffee produces some of the most amazing music and is one of the best DJs in the world. "We Dance Again" is such a positive and uplifting tune that I had to add it to my playlist. The focus of my afternoon classes during my last stay at The Sanchaya was stretching, breathing and unwinding. In one of the classes I had two Australian girls (whom I became really good friends and stayed in touch with) and by the end of it, they ordered a couple of margaritas to sip on during our last stretches. I loved the connection of enjoying a drink, moving and not taking things too seriously. I will always associate "Redbone" by Childish Gambino with drinking a margarita and stretching!

I like to play "Aaron" by Paul Kalkbrenner when people are all warmed up and ready to increase the intensity in the class. I associate this song with sunshine, boats, the sea and the beach as I used to listen to it a lot when I was on a modelling contract in Istanbul. I can't explain why, but I feel like it mirrors the serene ambience of The Sanchaya. I always imagine the peace and quiet of the South China Sea when I listen to this song!

Fitness trainer and personality, Artur Zolkiewicz will be returning to The Sanchaya in Bintan for a week-long fitness residency, hosting daily classes targeting the whole body for in-house guests from 22 March to 1 April 2019.