Where to buy stylish activewear online in Singapore

Where to buy stylish activewear online in Singapore

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Text: Anna Aye Niharika Murali Janice Sim


Love it or hate it, the viable demand of fitness in Singapore has led to many brilliant outcomes. Emerging new workouts, subscription services, and of course, a curated breed of threads one can look good in while pulling through a set of burpees. So long, loose tees and baggy P.E shorts.

The options are more than ample. While you might already have Nike and Adidas stocked in your closet, it's a whole new world once you decide to venture online. So let's cut to the chase: Here are the activewear sites that should definitely be on your radar. The best part is? You won't even have to set foot out of your house.


Launched after the circuit breaker last year, this local atheleisure brand was created by two local fitness enthusiasts with one goal in mind – to make workout clothing that was functional, comfortable, and chic. Releasing their third collection, the matching sets now consist of two brand new colours – blueberry pie and hot sauce – across their range of sports bras, classic biker shorts, and leggings. Play around with all their different colours and look your best, be it at home or the gym.

Girlfriend Collective

Who said looking good can't save the environment? This woke activewear brand pledges to be transparent with every material that goes into their clothing — even down to the packaging of every order. Using a blend of different eco-friendly and recycled materials, they assure that quality and comfort of the clothing is never compromised. The brand is also size-inclusive to fit women of all different shapes and sizes, including pregnant women. Get your workout on looking fresh and guilt-free.


The local and modern swimwear label rolls out their first athleisure line — where contemporary and bold textile prints take centerstage. Titled Flo by Pinksalt, the collection echoes the brand's aesthetic with placement prints all around their sports bras and leggings. For those who love modest coverage, their sports bras are long-lined and leggings are designed to be high waisted to rest nicely with little exposure of skin, keeping you comfortable to wear in indoors and outdoors.

Pinksalt activwear

Sparks Active

Enter a Singapore and Hong-Kong based activewear label that gives back: founders of Sparks Active come from various non-profit organisations background and pledge to give a portion of each sale back to three of their charities on their panel. Designed to bring quality activewear at affordable price points to the wider audience, they offer a broad range of sizes in their sports bras, tanks, and leggings to cater to various frames and sizes.

Sparks Active

Revved Athleisure

For the active women who love a mix of sweet and edgy in their gym fits, Revved Athleisure's capsule collection will leave you wanting a piece or two for your next HIIT class.

Revved Athlesiure

Vivre Activewear

A local brand with pieces that are priced for performance, Vivre Activewear is one of the fastest-growing names in athleisure. What's their main selling point, you ask? Well, Vivre's apparel caters to the Asian body frame, spelling the end of ill-fitting tights or uncomfortable sports bras.

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We know what you're thinking: We've seen it all before. Lululemon has become a household name in the athleisure industry over these years, and with good reason. Their niche focus on providing apparel for "yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits" sorts out specific options for your workout. These guys have certainly perfected the art of innovation and research to give you workout gear that feels like second skin.

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Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga might be on your radar for the right reasons — big names like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are regularly seen wearing their workout sets to do just about anything, from running errands outside to lounging at home. These are clothes that move with you, from brunch to yoga, while maintaining high performance levels of certified yogis. They aim to encourage physical fitness and a more grounded spirit through mindfulness.

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Think sustainable fashion. That's what this local activewear label aims to achieve with their ECO LUXE line made from ECONYL Regenerated Nylon: A material made from fishing nets salvaged from the ocean. Made in Italy, this stubbornly-durable material is then transformed into sportswear that will make you look and feel good.

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This athleisure label will give you the support you deserve without breaking your bank. Their Sobana flash tights are known to fit you like a glove while allowing maximum breathability. Being a brand that's all about empowering women, a dollar made from every Gloria Almighty tank sale will go to the Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC) by AWARE Singapore — which provides free services to those who have experienced sexual assault.

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The Outnet

With over 350 brands, this multi-label store can fulfil all of your sportswear needs, whether you get your heart racing with HIIT workouts or unwind doing yoga. Their multi-purpose athleisure options and sporty outfits ensure that you never need to compromise looking good while working out, or just in general.

The Outnet


French label Eres might have a pricey catalogue, but their young activewear line will not fail your expectations. Known for their luxurious and sexy designs, Eres will clothe you in activewear that keeps you classy but manages to elegantly show off that body you've been working so hard on.

Eres activewear


This local fitness label has garnered quite the stellar reputation for its 2-in-1 Flex Shorts, which encompasses an inner tight within for flexible movement and added breathability. Apart from the notable bestseller, you'll find high performance threads weaved into fitted tanks and running tights, with a varied selection for both men and women.


Alita by Pomelo

Besides picking up your casual day outfits at Bangkok-based Pomelo, peruse their activewear section, Alita. The chic range comprises innovative technologies like four-way stretch and chafe resistant fabrics, incorporated in an edgy slew of form-fitting tops, mesh hoodies and workout tights.

Activewear online stores in Singapore

Lorna Jane

You might have seen this Aussie brand tucked away in an obscure corner of Ann Siang Hill — but to save you the trip down, you can simply view their products online. Known for colourful printed leggings, trusty sports bras and a wide range of workout miscellaneous (including gym bags and towels), Lorna Jane also stocks maternity options.

Activewear online stores in Singapore


So you need options... allow this local e-commerce marketplace to be of service. Housing a sizeable list of international fitness apparel brands (including renowned names like Every Second Counts and Crane & Lion), you're bound to find something exceptional here, while eschewing the hefty cost of overseas shipping.

Activewear online stores in Singapore

Touch The Toes

Homegrown brand Touch The Toes were the first ones to pioneer the eco-friendly yoga apparel movement in Asia, and they've done a solid job so far. Their selection includes multi-printed tops, shorts, leggings and mats from Manduka and Yoga Democracy. Let's just say this is where all yogis should linger at.

Activewear online stores in Singapore

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