Taking the all-new BMW iX3 for a spin

Electric fever

  • 02.11.2021

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This happens to be one of the biggest EVs we’ve driven so far, but it certainly doesn’t feel like deadweight with BMW’s revolutionary progress in its electric pursuit — now in its fifth generation. The BMW iX3 is the brand’s heaviest X3 so far, coming in at 2,260 kg. A magnificent beast is what we’ll dub it, but it surely doesn’t feel like a burden once you’ve engaged Drive.

The steering is light and lays on sturdy roadholding, with reactive engagement all around. Sure, it’s well-engineered to adapt to maneuver in a cosmopolitan city like ours, but what about the downsides to a typical EV? Well, the brand has made it a point to dial down hard breaking (commonly experience in electric vehicles), with deceleration being a key feature. It’s reactive, but not too reactive. So you’ll be missing that go-kart feeling, like you would in a Mini Electric.

In the interior, flecks of blue are splashed across the door panels and over the gear stick. You also get fixed up with a sleek, pop-up screen, splaying a concise yet clear panel, like a control center from your iPhone. It’s the little things but we did enjoy viewing navigation, current playlist, and an overview of the map displayed simultaneously on the screen while driving.

If we’re talking specifics, there’s no exponential speed or power to rave about in this SAV — given that it boasts 400Nm of torque and goes from 0 to 100 in 6.8 seconds. But numbers don’t exactly mean much when you’re cruising seamlessly down a highway — trust in the good ol’ electric glide to keep you going.

And speaking of going, the BMW iX3 quells any anxiety of running low on battery, with an impressive range. Its size did have us feeling worried at the beginning, but even with trips to and fro from the East to the West (and then some), we had plenty of power to spare. Seems like efficiency came up top on the priority list as well. An important feature, given that our city is still running behind on the number of charging stations. So we’re glad the iX3 covered all the unfortunate bases.

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