The Row Space: Singapore’s first rowing gym for workouts with maximum burn and minimum impact

Push pull

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Gone are the days when working out only meant being weighted down by the stuffy premises of a clinical gym. These days, the sea of options are confumbling at best, from low impact to high intensity, we are living in a city brandished with the best of the best with every turn of the corner. And rising up in cult status, are workouts like spin that have amassed a huge following simply from its rhythmic sequence, which engages every bit of the body — beyond your gams.

And here to propose an enticing counter, is rowing. A short few minutes that you might have encountered during a HIIT session, but what many wouldn’t think of is dedicating an entire session on the row machine. Which is what The Row Space (which hails from parent brand Pulse Lab) have set out to do: to revolutionise the understated movement by being the first rowing gym in Singapore.

The simple act of just rowing is said to be able to burn up to 800 calories within an hour, which supercedes any cardio workout whether it be running or spinning. The “magic” happens with the push-pull action, with effects similar to strength training that helps you burn calories even after the workout. In contrary to spinning, the movement is also kinder to your joints, where you can reap maximum results with minimum impact.

And even as you’re sitting the whole way, about 86% of your muscles are engaged, within all the major muscle groups. Through this, stronger shoulders, upper back, and lats can be achieved, while lowering your chances of developing aches and pains in the back. A good form while pushing and pulling is vital in a session. But if you get the sequence right, you will be working your way to better posture, a sculpted butt, toned arms, and a stronger core.

Of course, if you’re sworn to spinning, you might be missing a couple of varied movements within the rowing session. What rowing does not have would probably be the catchy coordinated movements that spin offers — such as, crunching in and out or tapping back on the seat. It’s where the workout becomes more of a dynamic dance that people have grown to relish in.

To make up for the fixed position that you’re firmly planted in, The Row Space offers classes that incorporate other exercises interspersed between — from weight training to bodyweight movements. So you won’t be grounded if that’s not your intention. There’s more flexibility and accessibility within the workout, so much so that rowing is a viable option even if you’re nursing an injury. Not to mention, a forgiving alternative to beginners or folks who are new to breaking a sweat.

1 Aliwal St, Level 3 Unit 3B, Tel: 6239 5226
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