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Strong SPF game

  • 14.09.2021

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Ah, the sun’s out and the weather has been strangely nice over the past few weeks – coincidentally in tandem with the activation of Phase 3 Heightened Alert, with gatherings up to a group of five. More of us are hitting the beaches, going on hikes, and engaging in outdoor exercise classes and sports. While we’re aware of the importance of sunscreen on our faces and bodies to prevent signs of aging and skin diseases, we often forget the skin covering our bodies that sunscreen can’t reach. Of course, there’s a solution for that — with the clothes on our backs. Get acquainted with these ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) clothing brands for that added layer of SPF protection. You won’t have to worry about sun damage creeping in ever again.

For the athletes of different shapes and sizes:

With over 600 pieces made of UPF fabric across their tops, leggings, swimwear, and more, you will be spoilt for choice when shopping with this brand. Athleta designs are conceptualised by female athletes for female athletes – taking their exercising needs and wants into consideration. Also, they are a body-positive brand providing a wide range of sizing options.

For the adventurous families:
Land’s End

Let’s be honest, kids are a handful – cute but tough little people. Getting them to sit still and apply sunscreen could be even more tiring than a few hours at the playground. Land’s End has an array of tops and bottoms for children as well as mum and dad. Plus, they have pretty nice tropical designs that will add some pizzazz to your weekend wardrobe.

For the trekkers of the wilderness:

Due to sheer boredom and the lack of travel, there is no doubt that many popular and hidden hiking trails have piqued the interest of many locals over the past year. While many of these areas are shrouded by foliage, UV rays can and will still get you. Columbia has options that are meant for camping or hiking specific, hence they are less form-fitting to provide ample breathing room for air circulation.

For the fitness newbies:
Outdoor Voices

Sometimes, the clothes we wear give us that extra boost of confidence that we need to slay anything – exercising is no different. Outdoor Voices is a great brand to start with as they carry many different UPF sports bras, leggings, shorts, t-shirts, and more that come in a whole spectrum of colour. If you aren’t an expert at matching colours, they offer “OV Kits” to help you make the best pairing decisions, with a free gift with the purchase.

For the accessory lovers:

Accessorising isn’t just for high fashion, just take a look at the frequent dragon boaters and canoers. They are always decked out with arm sleeves and a good pair of shades – come to think of it, they were ahead of the time. Aside from UPF clothes, Solbari has a miscellany of hats, sleeves, gloves, umbrellas, face masks, and neck gaiters to protect the neglected parts of the body. Remember: the true sign of someone’s age can be seen on the wrinkles on the neck and hands.