Which indoor cycling studio is right for you?

Which indoor cycling studio is right for you?

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Text: Rachel Ng Jean Chua

A studio for every obsession, be it music preference, fitness goals, or studio vibes

Indoor cycling, spinning, rhythm cycling — what haven't we already heard? The spin fad is still going mightily strong, and at the rate new studios are springing up on our island state, jumping onto this bandwagon may be a little more daunting than it used to be. Just where does one begin? Depending on your individual goals and proclivities, here are seven indoor cycling studios for every kind of rider out there. You can thank us later.

Sync Cycle

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Think of this as the perfect entry to spin. With their gyms located at heartland locations in the East Coast and Yio Chu Kang, the premise is making sure you're feeling comfortable and that might mean roping a few friends and familiy members to the class. Sync Cycle's carefully curated Beginners Ride classes are carefully crafted for those of you newly venturing into the world of rhythmic cycling, and will equip you with the basic skills of beat-based cycling and how to do fun, interesting movements on the bikes. Once you've done that long enough, upgrade to their Rhythmic Ride classes — where things get a little more advanced.

Things to note: Core workouts included.

Highlight: Beat-based rhythmic riding with an attention on first-timers.

Best catered for: Beginners to spin. None of that intimidation or self-consciousness here.

282 East Coast Road, Tel: 62826008


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With their studios conveniently located in the densely-populated CBD or Orchard Road areas, Revolution may be a newcomer to the spin society but it's definitely one of the most popular studios for rhythmic cycling. Working out might seem like a chore, but definitely not at Revolution, who specialise in putting the fun in exercising. With hip, funky music blaring from their speakers that are sure to put you in the mood to get moving, and psychedelic lighting in a pitch black room (the closest to clubbing you can get right now), it'll be an intense workout sesh but you'll be having the time of your life whilst burning those calories in the hundreds.

Things to note: They provide professional grade cycling shoes with Shimano SPD-SL cleats, so you just have to come in gym wear.

Highlight: Exceptionally affordable rates, especially if you're a student.

Best catered for: Any spin junkie, who goes for classes religiously.

137 Cecil St Singapore 069537, Tel: 69723675


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A new kid to the spin scene in Singapore, R1OT just opened their doors in January this year. Apart from having a spin studio, it's a versatile fitness centre that also offers yoga as well as strength and cardio classes, making it your one stop shop for all your exercise needs. Their R1DE studio (the spin cycle class) also takes pride in making a spin class truly immersive and otherworldly — by cleverly making use of both the lighting and the smoke machine to present a dramatic and futuristic experience. Possibly one that could probably rival Gardens by the Bay's night light show.

Things to note: Dumbbell arm and core workouts included. Shoes will also be provided.

Highlight: Dramatic light shows all around: we're talking cage-like illusion surrounding the instructor while hovering above, lasers are catapulting like in a galaxy, or at times, they slow down and simply twinkle in a lucid fashion. Trippy, indeed.

Best catered for: Those of you who don't just want to experience rhythmic cycling, but would also like to try your hand at yoga and HIIT workouts all in one place.

140 Robinson Rd, Tel: 89510861


CruCyle, spinning, indoor cycling, studio, exercise, fitness, workout

The OG of the scene whose name is known to all those who matter, CruCycle is one of the first indoor cycling studios to open in Singapore back in 2014. It may have been around for awhile now, but this badass of a space is far from dated. A step inside the studio is enough for you to know you’ve entered the exclusive territories of the cool kids on the block.

As the beats amplify, the instructors gather their eager pack into the familiar darkness and soon commence on what will be a spiritual journey towards your fitness purgatory. More than just energy per se, each instructor is a personality of their own, and from it emanates an alluring charisma which manifests in their unique music line-ups and execution. Every word is breathed out to complement the aura of the music, creating an ambience that forms a silent connection amongst everyone in the room. Believe us, it's almost like cycling on steroids.

Beats-wise, think your old time classics like Beyonce and Jay-Z, to popular alternatives such as alt-J and Banks. No one ever seems out of tempo or lost in the choreography here, and that in itself is enough to keep you coming back for more.

Things to note: Dumbbell arm and core workout included.

Highlight: A cult-like synergy and intoxicating music playlists which combine all your music festivals into one ride.

Best catered for: A young, energetic crew looking for a soulful riding experience.

68 Duxton Road, Tel:6509 8880

Absolute Cycle

Absolute cycling, spinning, rhythm cycling, fitness, workout

The latest entrants into the rhythm cycling arena, Absolute Cycle hails from Bangkok’s largest yoga, pilates and coreblast centre to offer Singapore riders another option to their usual indoor cycling boutique studios. There is a little bit more of a "franchise feel" to this place, which will appeal to those who prefer a less intimate experience.

Each session is highly structured, with a fixed number of 11 songs with specific beats per minute in a routine intended to train different muscle groups. The instructor’s energy skyrockets to get your adrenaline pumping, and the surround-light systems are surprisingly sophisticated — which helps to boost energy levels. Don’t let its music focus fool you; rides at Absolute Cycle are intense and challenging. As with other indoor cycling studios, choreography is incorporated into your ride. But more than just your “tap backs” and “pushes”, you might find yourself in a little dancing situation with over-the-head claps and body waves. Sounds about right, especially now that Zouk is one of the studio's locations in partnership.

Things to note: Dumbbell arm and core workout included.

Highlight: Absolute Cycle offers a 15-minute foundation class before every main class for all first-timers. Classes are a good level of challenge and fun. An “afterburn” is almost always guaranteed.

Best catered for: The busy office worker looking for a good balance of intensity and invigoration in their indoor cycling workout.

6A Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, #02-01. Tel: 6220 2688

Ground Zero

Spin Ground Zero

This swanky space at Cross Street Exchange offers yet another spin on the classic. More than just a comfortable and well-facilitated studio, Ground Zero’s aesthetics are curated to give a rustic, underground feel stimulating a sense of camaraderie amongst those who are gathered to ride or build (they also offer Resistance, a circuit-type class). While the main premise showcases strong grey tones of rugged grit, things get a little more contemporary in the studio when your class begins. Strobe lights and futuristic lightings come on intermittently and at timely intervals, complementing the different energies of each routine.

Movements here are not superfluous. Your classic “tap backs”, “pulses”, “pushes” and “jump ups” are combined in permutations which adds resistance to the ride. At Ground Zero, expect the ideal balance of choreography and actual cycling.

Things to note: Dumbbell arm workouts included.

Highlight: Rides that are themed to favoured artists like Shawn Mendes and Dua Lipa.

Best catered for: Anyone looking for a more intimate and personal indoor cycling experience that goes beyond the time on your bike.

38 Carpenter Street, Level 3, Tel: 6532 0154

Pure Fitness – 'The Trip'

Pure fitness, the trip, spinning, indoor cycling, workout

Pure Fitness knows its blue-ocean strategy well. Instead of competing on the endless possibilities of music and aesthetic preferences, this big power player introduces a whole new indoor cycling experience. Powered by the world renowned Les Mills, a 45-minute session in 'The Trip' takes you on a journey through steep glaciers, space age cities and beautiful sunsets. This is screened through a cinema-quality projection to immerse you in a sensory journey to a world beyond your present. The recalibration of the mind is a huge focus of indoor cycling classes, and as inspiring as any instructor can be, nothing beats having a visual distraction like this.

Sessions here are light-hearted with a push, and the music switches up to complement the different terrains or “worlds” you journey into.

Things to note: Bring your own trainers. And if you're prone to motion sickness, this class probably isn't a good idea.

Highlight: An omni-theatric cycling experience into a universe beyond your imagination.

Best catered for: Those who want to focus on cycling without the frills of additional choreography, but with some added visual dimensions.

Ngee Ann City Podium Block, 391 Orchard Road, Level 8, Tel: 6100 8898