Mindful: What to know about online therapy

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  • 14.10.2021

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(Image credit: VeryWell Mind)

An instrumental part of embracing the subject of mental health has to be the wider conversation on therapy. And just by gauging the progress over a few years, our society has indeed made good headway on streamlining the treatment. That, in tandem with technology rapidly advancing, the definition of therapy has also evolved — beyond the scenario of a worn-out couch.

Perhaps with an added push from the pandemic’s restrictions, online therapy has surmounted the barriers of entry. For starters, it’s a lot more affordable compared to a typical physical session. It’s a lot more efficient, as opposed to making the trip down and spending precious hours just to be consulted. Online tools are almost instantaneous, not to mention with the variability of how a session can be conducted. But one thing to be certain, with regards to severe mental health issues, there are limitations to online therapy and that would warrant physical sessions alongside the treatment. 

Safe Space

A local tele-therapy platform, which connects users to a fleet of resources, including therapists from all over the world. You can easily book them online at your own convenience either on their website or free mobile app, which includes individuals, couples, and family counselling. Alternatively, they also offer face to face sessions.

From $80 – $140 per session. Find more here. 

Talk Your Heart Out

This Singapore-based platform might not have an endless list of therapists to choose from, but they are more transparent when it comes to highlighting the profiles of their therapists. Mainly skewed towards Asian culture and values, you can browse through their profiles with what they each specialise in — from self-harm to trauma, to self-development, and marriage counselling.

From $90 per session. Find more here. 

eCounselling Centre

A good starting ground for anyone still uncomfortable or awkward with the idea of therapy — eC2 was founded by Fei Yue Community Services, mainly for youths and young adults who prefer anonymity while talking about their problems. There’s a quick chat feature online where a counsellor will be available to speak to.

Free. Find more here. 

Better Help

It all starts from filling out a questionnaire, before the system in Better Help matches you to a professional therapist that is best suited for you. Kinda like a dating app mechanic, but this is all about therapy. From then on, you can go about communicating with your therapist as you wish throughout the week on the service provider.

From $80 per week. Find more here.