Vibe along with Lil Nas X's album 'Montero'

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He’s pop, he’s rap, and he’s unapologetic – Lil Nas dropped his first studio album, titled after his birth name ‘Montero’. The album has a good mix of solo tracks and a handful of collaborations with trendy pop-culture artists such as Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, and Elton John. THATS WHAT I WANT leans towards pop and has an addictive, head-bopping beat, which makes for a quick pick-me-up on any given day.

Breakdown by G-Eazy and Demi Lovato

Even though this collaboration might not have been widely anticipated, Breakdown is simply too good to be ignored. Modelled after the timeless troupe of any artist – feeling trapped and judged by society with the longing for freedom – Demi and G-Eazy wear their hearts on their sleeves throughout the lyrics of the record and they even flashed controversial headlines made about both performers in the music video. This song is a single from the rapper’s upcoming fourth studio album debuting on 24 Sep.

You Will Be Found by Sam Smith and Summer Walker

Part of the official soundtrack of the musical drama ‘Dear Evan Hansen’, based on an award-winning Broadway musical of the same name, You Will Be Found is an emotionally charged song by Britain’s Sam Smith and American hip-hop singer-songwriter, Summer Walker. The track features powerful, soulful, and hopeful vocals from both singers that are successful in delivering a boost of optimism for anyone feeling down. 

25 by Jasmin Sokko

Adding three new songs into her latest EP titled ‘θi = θr’, 25 is a coming-of-age tune that confronts the notions of ageing. Jasmine shares how she no longer feels the need to socialise as much as she used to and that self-care is a priority. If there was a song to accurately depict what a quarter-life crisis looks like, this would be number one on that chart. We feel you, Jasmine, we feel you.

Therapist by Jeremy Zucker

American pop singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker knows how to pack a punch right in the gut with his music and this single is no different. Therapist reveals the dark truth of playing second fiddle in someone’s life and despite knowing that, you just do not want to walk away from that toxic relationship. #Relatable.

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