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Every week, Buro. selects the best new music of the week so you don’t have to deal with the white noise.

My Universe by Coldplay and BTS

Beloved British rock band Coldplay and Korean boy band BTS have debuted their collaboration single that preludes a joint documentary titled Inside My Universe on 26 Sep. The exact details of this documentary is still a mystery and the bilingual song is not giving out many hints of what is to come. But the one thing we do know is that clips from both bands will be included for all the adoring fans to scream at in the comfort of their homes.

After All by Elton John and Charlie Puth

Love songs are the bread and butter of most pop artists, and it’s fair to say that no one does it better than Sir Elton John. Partnering up with Charlie Puth —  known for heartfelt anthems — the two musicians have combined forces to produce a heartwarming tune that encapsulates what love should always feel like. 

How Will I Know by Whitney Houston and Clean Bandit

Earlier this year, our ears were treated to a Kygo remix of Higher Love, one of Houston’s most popular tracks. And now, electronic music group Clean Bandit has unveiled another remix from the legendary singer’s repertoire. Clean Bandit added their usual upbeat folk and electronic mixes into the classic, which lifts the song to new heights that both the youth and the older generation can appreciate. 

Best Days by Alessia Cara

The coming-of-age music queen is back with her third studio album In The Meantime after a long hiatus. The entire record is a self-reflection of Alessia’s identity and the frustrations of adulthood. Most of us have been there or currently experiencing the pressures of adulting and with this album, so we can’t help but feel heard and seen.

What If I Told You by Daya

New love and breakups seem to be a running theme amongst musical acts lately, and American singer-songwriter Daya is no exception. This single is the representation of regret when it comes to messing up in a relationship – the lyrics are raw, honest and terribly sad. However, there is a form of catharsis knowing that we are not alone when spiralling in the aftermath of a breakup.

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