‘Game of Thrones’: Sexy Oberyn Martell, shady Olenna Tyrell and other characters who we would kill to bring back from the dead

Rewind and revive

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The GoT character I would like to resurrect from the dead is Shae because her betrayal of Tyrion was never given its full due as a storyline. Also, GoT needs to stop killing its prostitutes (R.I.P. Ros) — sex workers are tough as hell IRL, so why wouldn’t they be in fiction?” — Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer

“Do you even need to ask? Khal Drogo, because the sexiest man on GoT was just gone too soon.” — Crystal Lee, Deputy Editor

Justice for all the direwolves murdered for the sake of reducing GoT’s special effects budget, duh.” — Emily Heng, Beauty Writer

“Many might blame Oberyn Martell for his death just because he had too big of a BDE to cement his kill but the man had the potential and charisma to rule the seven kingdoms. Instead, he got his head bashed in like a watermelon  this sexy man deserved better.” — Janice Sim, Associate Lifestyle Editor

Hodor because tough, loyal friends (or servant in this case) don’t come by often. Do you know how difficult it is to find someone to carry you around your whole life? Also, in a terrible attempt to get Kristian Nairn’s attention for a photo, I accidentally slapped him (quite hard) on the back, and feel like I owe him one.” — Vanessa Caitlin, Group Digital Creative Producer

“Spilling tea and throwing shade wherever she went, Olenna Tyrell was able to cut deep with her sharp tongue even when her fate was sealed. GoT’s sense of humour and wit just isn’t the same anymore without her sass.” — Aravin Sandran, Culture Editor