#SwipeNight: Solve a murder to meet your match.

Solve crimes for good times

  • 07.11.2021

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If you’ve ever wondered how to combine your love of murder mysteries and true crime with the possibility of finding ‘The One’, then you better get ready to #SwipeNight.

Launching today globally, everyone’s favourite algorithmic dating app, Tinder, is back for their second year of #SwipeNight – an Emmy-nominated virtual storytelling experience that invites Tinder members to play detective all in the name of finding love. The series got its kickstart last year, with over 20 million members participating worldwide. This year’s storyline invites users to become one amongst a group of friends on a birthday weekend getaway, until something goes very awry.

Told in a first-person story format, #Swipe Night: Killer Weekend puts Tinder members at the heart of the episode, where even they can become a suspect in an unexpected murder. The plot line runs as multiple interactive video episodes and can be accessed under Tinder’s new ‘Explore’ page. To participate, users make decisions in a choose-your-own-adventure style journey, swiping left or right across various milestones and points through the story. The interface is actually ridiculously cool and easy to use, and the storyline (though initially may seem cheesy) does captivate as you go. I was skeptical at best to begin, but seriously hooked by the fifth minute in.

Once the episode ends, members get anonymously matched to another participating player, to discuss the plot and suspects. The more you talk, the more of the match’s profile you unlock, until you can finally see one another’s full Tinder details. Episodes are dropped weekly for the next 3 weeks and you can participate along at any time. It’s like a whodunnit and who-will-it-be, all in one.

For anyone else tired of the usual, ‘Hi’ and ‘What are you doing today?’ lines that normally befall upon the everyday online dater, #SwipeNight actually offers a refreshing and quite cool twist on bringing together the cult of crime culture, with breaking through the monotony of modern dating.

Check out the how-to-play video below. We say it’s worth a try. You never know when #SwipeNight could lead to #SwipeRight.