Funny and cute doormats that will delight the delivery guys and your guests

As we’re all staying home and fighting to flatten the curve, health authorities everywhere recommend that deliveries limit contact and couriers leave packages at the door. How can we thank these unsung heroes that bring us the goods necessary for our healthy existence? You can stick an appreciation note at the door, or you can make them smile with a funny or cute doormat, like the ones we’ve picked out, below. They also make great greetings for when we can resume real-life house parties.

9 Results
The Neighbors Have Better Stuff® Doormat (Hand Stenciled)
30" x 18"
“If You’re Pizza, Amazon, or (Celebrity) I’m Home” Doormat
18" x 30"
Red Republic Danger Area Doormat
24" x 16"
A Link To Your Home Doormat
18" x 30"
Friends “How You Doin’?” Doormat
16" x 24"
Tacos Coir Door Mat
28" x 17"
The Cat Indoor/Outdoor Door Mat
27" x 18"
Friedegund “Guest Pillow” Non-Slip Door Mat
30" x 18"
Well, Butter My Butt Olefin Doormat
18" x 27"