Best bedroom and living room rugs

So you’ve settled on the essential home aesthetics: the cushy sofa, a chic coffee table, and a sleek bed frame-mattress combo. To really complete the Pinterest look, add a stylish rug. It’s less cumbersome to upkeep as compared to a carpet, while still laying out a brilliant posh setting atop of your tiles. Whether you appreciate contemporary patterns that will help you make a statement, or a neutral-coloured one that’s easy to match, here’s a couple for your consideration.

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Purple Agate Round Rug
This handmade multicoloured purple round rug was designed by founder Denise Kaur in collaboration with their rug-weavers, produced as an exclusive limited collection for Living DNA's 5th year anniversary in 2020. It is inspired by agate stone, rare rocks characterised by layers of colour, long admired for its mysterious ethereal beauty. It's soft to the touch, made with plush and radiant material. This rug has a signature velvet-like sheen creating an illusion of changing colours and is ideal for modern interiors. It is also relatively dense, resulting in a thickness that's comfortable yet easy for you to clean.
Nordic Deluxe Canvas
There is every reason to be cheerful with the Nordic collection which is inspired by Scandinavian patterns. In geometrics, abstracts and stripes, these exhilarating hand-made rugs in 100% polypropylene will certainly make a bold statement in your home. Its low pile of 8mm makes vacuuming and spot cleaning a breeze. What's more, the hardwearing, soft pile with minimal shedding and easy maintenance makes the Nordic rugs something to keep smiling about.
Marble Washable Terrazzo Rug
The supremely classic Terrazzo bedazzles like never before this season! This most fashionable mosaic transforms itself into a rug that will lend personality and character to any part of the house. The Terrazzo rug is 100% cotton and machine-washable. Individually hand-made by craftspeople using natural dyes and, being 100% cotton, it is light and soft to the touch.
Indo Kashkuli Gabbeh
This vibrant rug will be sure to catch any house guest's eye. The Gabbeh is a type of Persian carpet that is famous for being used by royalty, and other noble people. A Gabbeh rug like this is an elite symbol that will brighten up your living room or bedroom.
GLUMSÖ Dark Grey Rug
The lively pattern is woven from silky-soft lyocell, a natural material made with minimum impact to the environment. The rug is durable, renewable and biodegradable and it’s an easy fit in any room.
Kelim Merge Rug
In beautiful burnt hues, the Merge Kelim Rug redefines traditional kelim craftsmanship and combines with Ferm Living's design DNA with a strong sense for geometric shapes and extraordinary colour blocking. These handmade rugs have a very unique texture and colour shade, with no two rugs being identical to one another.