5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

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Text: Janice Sim

You might be able to return or refund a bad shopping decision, but you can't take back what you've consumed. And with the hard work that we get up to in our intensive barre and HIIT sessions, every bite counts. Meaning, when we actually set aside meals for indulgence, it has to actually be mind-blowingly delicious. Well to save you from that disappointment, we have very spontaneously gone out, to scour, taste, and ingest a myriad of foods to streamline a list of five from our city's thriving food scene this month. Some of them might be timeless classics that we've recently rekindled with (as with any old flame), while others are new chart-toppers that have made our insides delight with glee. Here's our picks for the month.

1. Asam pedas stingray from Hjh Maimunah

Okay forgive us for reciting the obvious, i.e. the stalwart of nasi padang but this dish happened to be the first one we savoured, fresh out of the festive food cycle, which was plied with processed meats and one too many potatoes. A heady gravy of asam with huge chunks of stingray swimming within made the new year full of promise. And we're certain we're not jumping the gun. At Hjh, they sure don't scrimp on the fins here — as compared to the measely portions we often have to scrape at with typical sambal stingrays.

20 Joo Chiat Rd

2. Kedondong & Coconut Sorbet from Kin

Most things at Kin are exceptional, but often they are explosive with bold flavours and spices dancing all around. What really stuck out from the well-loved kuehs of chef Damian D'Silva has to be this refreshing number. Just a simple sphere of kedondong (a tropical fruit) sorbet relished in coconut milk and the radiance of pomegranate with each spoonful. Creamy yet layered with the right tang to keep us coming back for more. A word of advice? Do. Not. Share.

31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Tel: 6320 9180
Opening hours: (Mon-Sat)12pm-2.30pm 6pm-9.30pm

3. Oven baked molten eggs with a side of smoked salmon, avocado and melted cheese from Brawn and Brains

We concur, this might sound pretty basic. But if basic was a combination like this, we wouldn't mind being hurled into the stereotype at all. Everything on this plate is desirable, but what really seals the deal as a stellar brunch staple has to be the oven baked molten eggs branded within a bed of cheese. Easily our favourite Sunday meal.

100 Guillemard Rd, #01-02
Opening hours: (Wed-Fri) 8.30am-5.30pm, (Sat-Sun) 8.30am-6pm

4. KFC from Izy Fook

It means Korean Fried Chicken (cheap shot, @Mr Sanders), but really Izy Fook does theirs with a real intent. One to distinguish this dish from the numerous options out there populated around Tanjong Pagar. Their version sits on the sweeter side, instead of the usual scenario where tears start to well. Chicken cooked so soft and tender while retaining a thin crisp layer of skin and the molten fat lining. Note to self: do not discard. You can just walk it off later.

27 Club St, Tel: 9678 0027
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12pm-2pm, 5pm-10.30pm, (Sat) 5pm-10.30pm

5. Roast beef taco from Kiap

Kiap is a fine example of how effortless Asian flavours go with just about anything. While most selects on their menu nails punchy flavours with soft spheres of dough, our favourite has to be the roast beef number. Think succulent slabs of meat with kombu mayo and salsa mayo. Servings here are also pretty generous — two would fill you up just nicely enough with a little bit of space for their deletcable sides.

15 Swan Lake Ave
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