5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

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Text: Janice Sim

You might be able to return or refund a bad shopping decision, but you can't take back what you've consumed. And with the hard work that we get up to in our intensive barre and HIIT sessions, every bite counts. Meaning, when we actually set aside meals for indulgence, it has to actually be mind-blowingly delicious. To save you from that disappointment, we have very spontaneously gone out, to scour, taste, and ingest a myriad of foods to streamline a list of five for you from our city's thriving food scene this month. Some of them might be timeless classics that we've recently rekindled with (as with any old flame), while some are new chart-toppers that have made our insides delight with glee. You're welcome.

1. Steamed pork dumplings from Hand in Hand Beijing

In case you missed our spiel to why Hand in Hand Beijing stands to be a glorious testament to having your cake and eating it, it's essentially an authentic Chinese restaurant that you wouldn't have to give an arm and a leg for. Starting with their dumplings, their steamed dumplings are our favourite. Not only do they beat out those from Din Tai Fung, but there are also more variety of choices to choose from. When we're talking dim sum, the more definitely the merrier.

Hand in hand

143 Jln Besar, Tel: 6297 1398
Opening hours: 10am-3pm, 4.30pm-10pm

2. Baby popcorn in smoked miso from Cheek Bistro

In a recurring visit to Cheek Bistro, we adorned our table with our favourites from our last fond memory here. But new to the bill, was something from the snacks. Smoked baby popcorn that blew our mnds singularly with its soft, crunchy bite and a midas touch of miso. Guess we now have to come back for this.

Corn cheek bistro

21 Boon Tat St, Tel: 6221 1911
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, (Sat) 6pm-10.30pm

3. Classic fries from Five Guys Singapore

Yes, come for the burgers but stay for the fries at Five Guys. After all, they put a lot of work into their fries. So much so, that they calibrate how moist and firm the hand-cut winners turn out to be. With the help of a hardworking team behind the prep work everyday, the result pays off — evidently so when they are especially generous with every serving. There's a cajun option, but original will sit well in the long run.

Five Guys Singapore

68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #01-32, Tel: 6976 4385
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

4. Beef Katsu Sando from Live Twice

Imagine that amazing katsu sandwich that can only be procured in Tokyo's 7/11 stores... but better. It can be found right on our shores in a sexy new hideout dubbed Live Twice (from the folks that brought you Jigger & Pony). A crispy, slightly charred duo that sandwiches a chunky beef katsu... sounds pretty much like the perfect bar grub.

Live Twice

20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Tel: 9011 8304
Opening hours: (Mon-Thu) 6pm-1am; (Fri and Sat) 6pm-2am

5. Prawn mee soup from Kok Sen

Everyone has their own love story with a bowl of prawn noodles. And being Singaporeans, we're ready to go to war with it. Like with this huge $17.50 bowl from Kok Sen, that is indeed as flavourful as it is red. A heady broth bearing spurts of heat, then comes mammoth fresh prawns that will deter you from inhaling the noodles within. Then again, it's really about the soup here so do us a favour and don't leave any behind while you're at it.

Kok Sen prawn noodles

30 Keong Saik Rd, Tel: 6223 2005
Opening hours: 12pm-2.15pm, 5pm-10.45pm

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