5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

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Text: Janice Sim

You might be able to return or refund a bad shopping decision, but you can't take back what you've consumed. And with the hard work that we get up to in our intensive barre and HIIT sessions, every bite counts. Meaning, when we actually set aside meals for indulgence, it has to actually be mind-blowingly delicious. To save you from that disappointment, we have very spontaneously gone out, to scour, taste, and ingest a myriad of foods to streamline a list of five for you from our city's thriving food scene this month. Some of them might be timeless classics that we've recently rekindled with (as with any old flame), while some are new chart-toppers that have made our insides delight with glee. You're welcome.

1. Flying fish roe with rice (Jumeogbab) from Obba BBQ

There's a good selection of meats here at Obba BBQ, but that isn't a groundbreaking fact for a barbecue establishment. For that one defining carb dish, skip that hot metal bowl of white rice and opt for their flying fish roe with rice, also adoringly known as jumoegbab. The next step would be to designate the person that's closest to a mother figure, to roll it up in homogenous balls. It's everything we would want in a side dish — mildly savoury and packed with umami.

Obba flying fish roe with rice

63 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Tel: 6222 0840
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 12pm-7am

2. Mieral pigeon from Braci

If there's any occasion we would catch ourselves staring longingly at a pigeon, it would be here in Braci. The swollen bird is reared in France and aged for ten days. Instead of the usual roast, the breast is first grilled till medium rare and the leg is grilled till it's cooked through over charcoal and with the midas touch of Sichuan peppers. Also on the plate, there are dollops of walnut cream that sync in harmony with the charred pigeon — amping up the bursts of smoky flavours all around. It is also finished with marsala wine jus, that chimes in with acidity and tart.


52 Boat Quay, #05-01/ #06-01, Tel: 6866 1933
Opening hours: (Sat-Mon) 5pm-12am (Tues-Fri) 12pm-2pm, 5pm-12am

3. Curried mussels from Summerhill

Curry isn't a creation that's taken lightly here, even if you are dining at a French bistro in a neighbourhood in Clementi. The broth here is built on assam, rempah, curry powder, and tamarind alongside copious amounts of cream and white wine. Sitting in this thick punchy concoction are plump Tasmania Spring Bay mussels, The best way to have it, as with any mussel dish, is by a spoon or with your two hands. And whatever you do, make sure you clean the plate — whether by the age-old soaking method via a basket of fries or baguette slices.


106 Clementi Street 12 #01-62, Tel: 6251 5337
Opening hours: (Tues-Fri) 12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm, (Sat-Sun) 11.30am-4pm, 5pm-10pm

4. Corn Sampler from El Mero Mero

We know — it's not the most attractive name. But if you ever gave the dubious title of 'Corn Sampler' a chance, you would be dumbfounded by the sheer brillance of this dish. On this rack, there are three vital components. The first, perfectly grilled baby corn from the Josper — sweet and smokey all at the same time. The second, Mexican donuts (where huitlacoche, a type of truffle that grow on corns, fulfils its peak potential when turned into brown pillowy rings), and third, a chili mayo dip that we will pay good money for.

Corn sampler

30 Victoria St, #01-20 Chijmes, Tel: 9722 8171
Opening hours: (Sun-Thurs) 5pm-11pm, (Fri-Sat) 5pm-12am

5. Peanut butter and dark chocolate cake from Ugly Cake Shop

So, you might be the oddball in a group that isn't into chocolate cakes, but Ugly Cake Shop has a way around this. With its signature bake — a peanut butter and dark chocolate cake. Essentially a glorious butter coat slathered over a moist yet effortlessly light chocolate cake base. Sounds basic, until the combination overwhelms and entrals you. Two slices in, and we feel that this number should come with a warning that reads 'Complete euphoria, but a ruiner of diets and any remaining shred of self-control'.

Ugly Cake shop

Orders available online.

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