5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

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Text: Janice Sim

Image: Instagram: @londonfoodfix

You might be able to return or refund a bad shopping decision, but you can't take back what you've consumed. And with the hard work that we get up to in our intensive barre and HIIT sessions, every bite counts. Meaning, when we actually set aside meals for indulgence, it has to actually be mind-blowingly delicious. Well to save you from that disappointment, we have very spontaneously gone out, to scour, taste, and ingest a myriad of foods to streamline a list of five from our city's thriving food scene this month. Some of them might be timeless classics that we've recently rekindled with (as with any old flame), while others are new chart-toppers that have made our insides delight with glee. Here's our picks for the month.

1. Cream cheese garlic and herb babka from Tigerlily

Babka: a sweet braided bread, which originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. And boy are we glad that it has made its way here — under the skilled hands of chef Maxine Ngooi. She has made her bones in places like 2-Michelin Les Amis and 3-Michelin Joël Roubuchon, and now her very own pastry front, Tigerlily. Her babka weaves in cream cheese, garlic, and other herbs in a firm savoury bite — a treat that you certainly do not want to share. Bonus: Her dark chocolate salted caramel cookies come as a close second.


39 Hongkong St, Singapore 059678, Tel: 8887 0988
Opening hours: (Tues-Sat) 11.30am-6pm, click here to order online

2. Signature black pepper steak rice bowl from Bedrock Bar & Grill

IYKYK, Bedrock Bar & Grill never fails to disappoint with prime cuts. And their signature black pepper steak rice bowl leverages on that in a hearty, generous combination. The star in question is a wagyu petit fillet — cooked medium, then topped over fragrant beef drippings garlic rice, foie gras, grilled onions, pickled pumpkin, soft boiled egg, and their very own black pepper sauce.


96 Somerset Rd, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Singapore 238163 , Tel: 6238 0054
Opening hours: 11am-8pm, click here to order online

3. Arroz Con Mariscos from Canchita

There are many similarities between this Peruvian seafood rice to Spanish paella. For starters, they are well steeped in the crusty flavour of the sea, with grains that are sticky and cloying to each other. You can find this stellar dish at Canchita Peruvian Cuisine, our city's newest entrant in Dempsey Hill. We loved how it was seasoned with crab butter, white wine, carried a hint of Peruvian panca chili, and oh, plenty of fresh shellfish.


Dempsey Rd, 9A 9B, Singapore 247698 , Tel: 6232 7895
Opening hours: (Tues-Sat) 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm, click here to order online

4. Fried rice from King of Fried Rice

Those who are diehard fans of Din Tai Fung's fried rice with pork chop deserve to know that there's a better, similar version out there at a lower price. Now five outlets in, it's safe to say that King of Fried Rice is dominating our city with a specialty that just involves fried rice. Delicate, pillowy grains with a good sheen of wok hei joined with a huge serving of fried pork chop. We dare say, it's better than DTF's rendition — and half the price.

King of fried rice

6001 Beach Rd, #B1-56 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore 199589 , Tel: 8266 1638
Opening hours: 11.30am-8.30pm

5. London pizza from p. is for pizza

Obscure pizza parlours are having a moment on our shores. And the beauty of it is that it's almost like a delicious secret to hold onto. One being p. is for pizza, that finds itself sharing a space with Mohammed Sultan's gelatolabo, churning out apple woodfired pizzas with dough that's been slow fermented over three days. Our visit there led to an unlikely love for a vegan special, dubbed the London. Think smoked san marzano tomatoes as a base, then plied with charred zucchini, coal roasted capsicum, smoked mozzarella, smoked scamorza. No meat was missed in the process of demolishment.

18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 01-01, Singapore 238967 , Tel: 8771 3441
Opening hours: (Mon) 5pm-9pm, (Wed-Sat) 5pm-9pm