5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

5 best foods to eat in Singapore this month

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Text: Janice Sim

You might be able to return or refund a bad shopping decision, but you can't take back what you've consumed. And with the hard work that we get up to in our intensive barre and HIIT sessions, every bite counts. Meaning, when we actually set aside meals for indulgence, it has to actually be mind-blowingly delicious. To save you from that disappointment, we have very spontaneously gone out, to scour, taste, and ingest a myriad of foods to streamline a list of five for you from our city's thriving food scene this month. Some of them might be timeless classics that we've recently rekindled with (as with any old flame), while some are new chart-toppers that have made our insides delight with glee. You're welcome.

1. Liquorice stout bread from Cloudstreet

Glazed with a sweet sheen of liquorice, this bread is made from Singapore dark stout, yoghurt and bicarbonate (for that desired density). If this didn't belong in a course meal at Rishi Naleendra's eclectic restaurant, Cloudstreet, we're pretty sure long snaking queues would be ensued at any bakery that had the rights to it.

Cloudstreet Rishi Naleendra

84 Amoy Street, Tel: 6513 7868
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12pm-2pm, (Mon-Sat) 6pm-9pm

2. Burnt cheesecake from Olivia

At every visit to Olivia, order strategically, just so you save room for dessert. This cheesecake is a home recipe that has stood the test of time, through a precise combination of eggs, flour, sugar and a handful of cheeses (including blue). The filling is warm, oozy and dabbles in a mouthwatering tandem of salty, sweet, and creamy. Let's just add that your first fork in, will definitely not be your last.

Olivia cheesecake

55 Keong Saik Road #01-03, Tel: 6221 0522
Opening hours: (Tues-Thurs)11:30am-2pm, 6pm-10pm, (Fri-Sat)11:30am-2pm,6pm-late

3. Soon kueh from Fatt Soon Kueh

At first glance, you can easily spot the filling protruding from the silky skin from this soon kueh. It's because A) they've given a generous amount of turnip, mushrooms, and dried shrimp, and B) the skin's luminously paper-thin. With that, you'll have a delicately moreish bite from this famed kueh eatery.

SFatt Soon Kueh

32 New Market Road #01-1012
Opening hours: (Tues-Sun) 9am-6.30pm

4. Make It Pop from Preludio

Cloyed with savoury, sweet, and sour notes, the foie gras terrine at Preludio's summer menu is glazed with a piquant housemade coffee kombucha, and holds a surprise element of popping candy made by chef Fernando himself. Finishing the dish was a drizzle of local mead — an element we were only glad to be reintroduced to; well, because honeyed alcohol.

Preludio Make It Pop

182 Cecil St, #03-01/02 Frasers Tower, Tel: 6904 5686
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm, (Sat) 6pm-10pm

5. Mushroom dessert from Cloudstreet

Yes, it's another banger from Cloudstreet, but this restaurant still stands to be one of the most memorable we've had till date. A porcini ice-cream stacked with charred milk skin along with shaved truffle cacao nibs denounced what we thought we knew about shrooms. A savoury-sweet creation while eluding a tinge of bitter. It also epitomised the fearless vision to what Naleendra has for his concepts.

Mushroom dessert Cloudstreet

84 Amoy Street, Tel: 6513 7868
Opening hours: (Mon-Fri) 12pm-2pm, (Mon-Sat) 6pm-9pm


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