Best solid perfumes to bring everywhere

Not that we’ll be doing much of it soon, but there are a lot of considerations to take into account when travelling. Food, accommodation, and transport aside, there’s also the matter of ensuring all your goods are in line with plane regulations. That is, no liquids, aerosols, or gels that are more than 100ml each. Space-saving? Yes. Convenient? Not so much, particularly if you’re a beauty buff with separation anxiety. Travel-sized containers and mini variations have been a saving grace when it comes to skincare as well as makeup — but what about our fragrances? Enter: solid perfume. Housed in a compact case, they’re buttery soft, linger for hours on end, and can feel deliciously luxurious when applied on skin. Sign. Us. Up. Below, the ones that have made us into full-blown converts.

12 Results
Orchid Soleil Solid Perfume Compact
Santal 33 Solid Perfume
34 Solid Perfume
Nirvana Solid White Perfume
Botanical Perfume in Jasmine Balm
Drunk On Love Solid Perfume
English Pear & Freesia Solid Perfume Refill
Solid Cologne in Bulgarian Rose
Cleopatra Solid Cologne
Temple Bells Solid Perfume