Boutique hotels in Singapore: Why Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik is perfect for your next staycation

Boutique hotels in Singapore: Why Hotel Soloha in Keong Saik is perfect for your next staycation

Spatial awareness

Text: Evan Mua

There are a few things we can think of that defy the odds of a small space. For starters, our humble city — a mecca of old-meets-new, a renowned food scene, and a growing population of dreamers and seekers alike. Another case study? The latest boutique hotel to land in the eclectic neighbourhood of Keong Saik, Hotel Soloha — which used to be a shophouse.

Its name, Soloha, is an expressive portmanteau that emphasizes the idea of 'to such a great extent' and 'aloha', the catchy Hawaiian greeting that sings of living life to the fullest. That being said, expect your stay here to stray from the ordinary, and away from what a run-of-a-mill hotel would represent.

You'll first spot the 45-room hotel with a contrasting white and blue façade. Upon entering, guests are welcomed by a reception counter that doubles up as a technicolour bar. As you move up to your room, bold colours, tropical elements and stunning art fixtures will lead the way. The scene is set to be a journey of curiosity and adventure in a mystical forest.

Sure, your room might be supposedly small within the confines of a shophouse edifice, but you'll be surprised to how roomy it actually is. The smaller standard and deluxe rooms look deceptively spacious — a clever aspect seen throughout the entire hotel with efficient layouts and a great eye for utlisation of space.

If you're looking to accomodate a slightly bigger group, the hotel also offers suites and lofts (equipped with two beds), which includes rooms attached with a personal outdoor space. Just in case you wanted to enjoy the night sky or people-watch from your vantage point.

Beyond that, look forward to other amenities like the bar and lounge, courtyard, a games room equipped a table tennis table, and the fusion ramen bar Takeshi Noodle Bar gussied with a snazzy Wes-Anderson-esque decor. If you want more, just step outside your hotel and you'll find a plethora of some of the hottest dining spots in Singapore. Burnt Ends, Olivia, and Pasta Bar are just a few of the many names that this veritable street has to offer.

Rooms are available for booking here.