Renting a home has never been this fuss-free and affordable, until Cove

  • 05.08.2021
  • By Janice Sim

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An urban island like Singapore is formidable for business opportunities, technological advances, standard of living and security, but with its limitations, size wise, housing is a rudimentary subject. Often, ownership is outlandishly expensive as compared to other neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, and we’re faced with smaller perimeters to get around. Even if you are a paying more than a million dollars for your future home.

With more single young adults seeking out their own abode with a higher disposable income, rent is possibly the next best bet, given our government’s ruling of only being able own a BTO flat when you’re 35 and single. It is implied that attractive housing grants exist to sway millennials into getting hitched earlier in order to shave off a huge sum off their flat lease in Singapore.

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