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  • 02.12.2021

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With the holiday season, comes inevitable invites to homes of family and friends to enjoy a Christmas meal together. And of course, our Asian upbringing dictates it a cardinal sin to go empty handed. So we’ve rounded up some of the most gorgeous homeware gifts to present to your gracious hosts this Christmas season. Timely for that Secret Santa circle as well. 

Decorative Mask Holder

Especially timely in this pandemic’s new normal, masks have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. This mask holder from Ohfriday would not only be functional, but also a nice decorative piece to hang by the door. You can also customise the wooden plaque to include things like a WiFi password, so guests can easily hop on it to post some holiday pics on Instagram to commemorate the time spent together.

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Sofa Throws

With the recent bout of cold weather, this throw would have been amazing to cuddle up in as you watch a show on Netflix. They are both pretty as it is functional, and adds some texture and colour to the living area. It also gives a softer touch to the sofa, making it more inviting for guests to feel at ease in your home. We like the ones from HipVan, as they look uber comfy, at the same time, still able to match with most home aesthetics.

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Cosy Bedding

The bedding makes the bed. Give the gift of great sleep to your gracious hosts and maybe they’ll give you an extra helping of Christmas ham. Weavve has a great one – it’s Singapore’s first Lyocell duvet made with 100% TENCEL™, so it ensures cloud-like softness. There’s also really nothing as unpredictable as Singapore’s weather, so Weavve’s Lyocell duvet that has temperature regulating properties to give the best sleep possible. It also eliminates bacteria, mould, and fungi, which is a huge plus especially since Singapore can get rather humid.

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Jo Malone Scented Candles

There’s not much to say with this one, because everyone loves a home that smells clean and fresh. The best part is that you can up-cycle the Jo Malone candle holders after you’ve used it up as well. The chic glass jars are great for storing your coffee table peonies, or even to deposit car keys when placed strategically by the door.

Linen House Table Cloth

Spruce up the dining table with a pop of colour or a calming pattern. These are super handy to throw over your table to dress up a meal, and also serves as a great backdrop to take pictures of all the delicious food. We love this particular set by Linen House, and how it pairs with their table mats to create a beautiful setting for a cosy meal.

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