The city in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actually exists

Oh, it's real alright

  • 06.10.2021

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Netflix’s newest Korean rom-com Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is fast becoming the new It series and who can blame us? Actors Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a have a palpable chemistry in a story arc that can be easily disputed as instant stress-relief. But it’s arguable to say that the real standout of the show is the gorgeous little town that it’s based in — ‘Gongjin’. No, it’s no mere set, the picturesque city actually exists as Pohang in reality. While travel to South Korea is still out of the question, there is no harm in adding it to the list and creating an itinerary. Here are a few ideas to start penning down, below.

All-day beach day

Being a coastal city, the town is not short of amazing beaches such as Guryongpo Beach that stretches out in the shape of a half-moon and is considered the best beach to witness the sunrise. The Yeongildae Beach is even bigger and has many amenities in the area that are suited for a family vacation. There is even a yacht tour for those who want a better view of Yeongil Bay in the day or the night.

Yeon Orangse Ohnyeo Theme Park

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The theme park consists of exhibitions, historical learning activities, escape rooms, and more that dives deep into the origin myth of the sun and the moon. The park also houses traditional Korean gardens, ponds, and geological sights that overlook the illustrious Yeongil Bay. Although there is a lack of rollercoasters, it makes for a relaxing getaway surrounded by culture and nature.

Feast on seafood

As a city surrounded by water, Pohang has access to a wide and delectable array of seafood on a daily basis. The Jukdo Fish Market is one of the most notable places where shoppers may buy and eat seasonal dishes right in the heart of the bustling wet market. Alternatively, travellers may choose to patronise one of the 200 sushi eateries in the area.

The search for inner peace

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Up in the mountains lies Unjesan where those looking for a little enlightenment may embark on a tour of Oeosa temple. Visitors may explore the surrounding woods that is said to be beautiful during the autumn months when the leaves change from luscious green to fiery ember. If laidback isn’t your cup of tea, Pohang is also home to the 12 Bogyeongsa Falls for trekkers to explore during midsummer when the rushing water isn’t frozen.

Up close at the Homigot

Homigot means “tiger’s tail cape” and the shape of the Korean Peninsula is often compared to the same animal. Pohang’s coast lies on the tail part of this “tiger” and many tourists are interested in visiting the Homigot where a statue of a hand is jutting out of the ocean. Now, that’s an Insta-worthy spot worth a couple of pictures.