Electric cars in Singapore: MINI Electric, Porsche Taycan, BMW i3 range, and more

The jolt pack

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Whether you’re heavily dabbling in Tesla stocks or you’ve been gearing up for the day you’ll be riding driverless — the age of electric cars is already here. Because really, who wouldn’t want a car that gives you both: luxury and sustainability? We’ve previously done a couple of rundowns on the different electric vehicles that have landed their wheels on our little island but given how fast the energy-saving automobiles are gaining (or more accurately, losing) steam, we figured you’d appreciate a more detailed collation of what’s available when it comes to the electric car wagon.


Models: Tesla Models S, 3, X, Y

You don’t have to look very far. Or at least not with this brand’s models; since they’ll easily accomplish going the distance for you. When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s safe (or sexy?) to say that Tesla is like none other – leading the automobile industry in a completely fresh direction that ultimately, knows what the customer wants. Tesla’s electric models promise the ease of mind when covering long distances, as they all come with access to the brand’s extensive Supercharger charging network. With the latest Model Y, it’s touted to offer over 480km of range, a more-than-spacious interior and of course, a stylish exterior to beat.

Find out more about Tesla’s Models here.


Model: I-Pace

The first ever electric car from the brand — and it promises the speed of a Jaguar, despite its slightly raised silhouette that sits somewhere between one of an SUV and a regular car. It may not be as sleek as its sporty counterpart, but it certainly has the look and feel of it — especially when you’re behind the wheel. The I-Pace moves almost instantaneously in response to your input. Its adaptive dynamics work to monitor the vehicle’s movements round the clock: to ensure full optimization between comfort, refinement and agility.

Find out more about the I-Pace here.


Model: Taycan Turbo, Taycan S and Taycan 4S

The German luxury car brand couldn’t lose out when it came to this new mode of driving — especially when it’s all the rage for the future of automobiles. And the Taycan series certainly plays the part well: from its mad charge speed to its highly-coveted sporty exterior, the Taycan gives us a glimpse of that electric future. And of course, there was no compromise on speed for the renowned sports car brand: with the Taycan S 750 combined horsepower and launch control, you’ll be thrown back into your seat in no time.

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Model: Sportback e-tron

Choosing to release an electric SUV might have been Audi’s best decision yet when it came to the EV type. With competitors popping up from everywhere, Audi’s e-tron SUV makes for a sublime choice for families. And if you’re choosing the car for a family outing, Audi is well aware that speed isn’t really what you’re gunning for, but a smooth range, and most probably safety. The e-tron delivers just that; from its intuitive interior systems to cameras that replace your side mirrors for better aerodynamics — this electric model is an easy choice to hit the road in comfort.

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BMW Group Asia

Models: MINI Electric and BMW i3 range

The notable design of the Coopers — adopted for the future of automobiles. Here’s MINI: the one brand that always knows how to keep things interesting. With the all-new MINI Electric, the car quite possibly embodies every sense of ‘electric’ right down to the whirlwind experience of sitting behind the wheel. Keeping its iconic exterior of the past, the MINI Electric is a spirited conjoinment of the future’s need for technological sustainability and the wondrous joy of uncovering the present.

While the BMW i3 is an older design in the world of EVs, it still seems to be a pioneering force for the future. The older model is constantly updated for current needs; the latest one being the i3s (120AH). But it’s what BMW has in store for us that might keep all our eyes peeled. Their incoming models — the ix3, i4 and iNEXT — will all be fully electric, and designed to serve different aspects of our variant lives. The cherry on top? The brand’s current works with Greenlots, a member of Shell group might just promise more charging options located at the well-known petrol pit stop — paving the electric wave for the new decade.

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Model: Hyundai IONIQ

This one’s picking up speed again — with a lot of promise to beat. The current car’s interior is boasting a suite of luxuries: from ventilated seats to an adaptive cruise control. The IONIQ’s range is a good one — allowing for at least 200km before it requires a recharge, but the charge comes in quickly enough at just under half an hour. But the promise doesn’t come from this car alone; just recently, the IONIQ has been announced to be a whole brand of its own alongside their partnership with K-pop sensation BTS — so we can expect a whole line-up of EVs designed for our rising eco-lifestyle requirements. With Hyundai’s focus on research in the past couple years, the IONIQ may have a lot more to offer in time to come.

Find out more about the IONIQ here.


Model: Renault Zoe

The thing with these electric vehicles is sometimes the amount of attention it draws. With the Zoe however, some of you might be happy to note its subtle exterior. It won’t be a flashy grand entrance sort, so if you’re just all about saving the environment and you never really wanted an electric car for its impressively futuristic feel, this supermini hatchback might be it for you. With over 360km on its promised range too, the Zoe is a pretty good option for those that want the car without having to charge it very much — especially in our little island that lacks the infrastructure.

Find out more about the Renault Zoe here.


Model: XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

The Volvo XC40 Electric, like many of the other brands, is Volvo’s first venture into the EV type. Yet another adventurous SUV design, the XC40 Electric provides just what you need for an electric car — with over 400km range and a decent charge speed of under 45 minutes. It’s also a speedy one — with its near instantaneous acceleration rate.

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