New hand-carry essentials to pack for your flight


  • 16.11.2021

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Ever since the Vaccinated Travel Lanes opened up, we’ve been on the edge of our seats just counting down the days where we finally get to fly. But since the last time most of us got on a plane, there have been some pretty major changes in the travel industry. For one, you’ll need to wear a mask throughout the entire journey now, no matter if it’s a 45 minute or 14 hour flight. So ahead of the holiday season, we rounded up some things you’ll want to pack in your hand-carry when you hop on your first flight outta town. Think of this as the Covid-19 refresher.


We’re probably well used to masks at this point, with it being integrated to be part of our daily routine every time we head out the door. But most of us would probably be more familiar with disposable surgical masks that make life slightly more bearable in the Singapore heat. That works when we’re mostly outdoors, but in a flight where air is constantly being recycled in the cabins, you might want to find something with a greater filtration capacity. You’ll also want one that is also disposable, and of course, still breathable and comfortable. We’d recommend the 3M Particulate Respirator 9513, which offers four layers of protection but still sits comfortably on your face. 

Facial wipes

We all know that wearing a mask for long hours can get pretty gross, so here’s a little hack for you. Everytime you change your mask, or even when you start to feel a little gross under your mask, whip out some facial wipes to freshen up. It also saves you the awkward trip where you have to squeeze out of your aisle and wake up sleeping strangers for a trip to the bathroom. A personal favourite to use is the Gatsby Facial Wipes. It may be a little bit of a shock at first, with how icy cold it can be, but it’s an instant refresher. It also instantly wipes away all the feelings of ickiness and facial oils. 

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Disinfectant Wipes

On the same thread of bringing wipes on-board, you’ll probably want to bring some disinfectant wipes in your hand-carry. Even though we’re sure planes are regularly disinfected, there’s nothing wrong with giving your seat a wipe down for a peace of mind. And don’t worry, you won’t be the only one doing this on your flight. Nowadays wipes tend to come in those plastic cylindrical tubes, but we found one by Dettol that’s compact enough to fit comfortably in your hand-carry.


A well established staple in most of our bags by now, we thought we’d include this here just in case it may slip your mind. Regularly sanitise your hands – be it before your meals or after you finished a 3 hour movie marathon on the plane. Most of us are guilty of rubbing our eyes and such, so to be on the safe side consider getting this one by Lifebuoy. Unlike most brands, it doesn’t have that overpowering alcohol smell that can be headache inducing.  

Hand Cream

Regardless of how great a sanitiser is, its inherent properties may end up drying out your hands. So to prevent further cracking from the dry air in the cabins, bring a tube of hand cream with you to moisturise. We of course love the classic Shea Butter Hand Cream from L’occitane, it smells amazing and it really leaves your hands feeling soft and supple without any of that greasiness. 


Your pearly whites could use some TLC, and we don’t mean the ones provided by the airline. So pack a toothbrush along in your hand-carry, and if you’re in doubt on whether or not to hop on to the electric toothbrush bandwagon, we say go for it. They’ve been proven to be more effective at removing plaque and all that nasty stuff. For a good portable electric toothbrush, consider picking up this one by Zenyum. It has a 21 day battery life, so it’ll be great to bring along wherever you go without having to worry about it running flat.

Silk Sleep Mask

Rest is hard to come by on flights, there’s only so comfortable you can get in your seat. So make the best of it and slip on a sleep mask to block out the world. We’d recommend a nice silk one so your eyes don’t get too hot or itchy under regular cloth ones. Consider this one from Lily Silk for a good night’s rest on your next flight.


Perhaps the number one thing we all dread from long flights is how unbearably dry the cabin air gets. That results in chapped lips and paper-like skin. To combat this, the only thing you can do is stock up on some ultra hydrating face masks. We recommend stopping by Sephora and picking up one of La Mer’s holiday sets for a face and lip balm duo.

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