Volkswagen T-Cross is #MoreThanOneThing, alongside Kelly Latimer and Lennard Yeong

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If anything can be said for the Volkswagen T-Cross, it is that there’s plenty to discover the moment you’ve pushed in the Start/Stop button. First impressions might lead you to think it’s just a compact SUV, but then it surprises you with its nimble steering, malleable boot space, exceptional sound system powered by Beats, and other infotainment features all within. It is, definitely more than one thing.

We concur it’s the same when you’re getting to know a person. Chances are, you see more beyond what you initially conjured up in your head. Below, we speak to Kelly Latimer and Lennard Yeong, who take on the T-Cross and share other unknown facts and side hustles that go beyond their public persona.

Kelly Latimer

First impression of the T-Cross?
One of surprise. I was amazed at just how zippy it was! I loved how vibrant it was, both in terms of colour and drive.

After the first drive?
I was pleasantly surprised by how sprightly the car was. You get the space and elevation of a mini-SUV but the feel-good urban drive of a hatchback. The pick up and braking were smooth and I thoroughly enjoyed jetting around town in it.

What do people usually know you for?
For being a hustler. I work hard and am constantly on the go, either for business, fitness or my family.

What’s something people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know that I love to paint. I don’t have much time for it, but I do love to express myself through art and colour. I also love to entertain at home. It’s the main reason I started Kelly’s Kitchen, to allow me an avenue to bring home cooked goodness to people outside of my home. So every time they crack open a jar of ours, it’s like I am serving them in my house. Kelly’s Kitchen is my main side hustle that I am investing time in right now. Our Chinese New Year specials are going to be a real treat.

Lennard Yeong

First impression of the T-Cross?
It looked spacious, plus the turquoise finish on the car was really unique and quite a standout.

After the first drive?
I think it handles so smoothly — just by the little things from the leather used on the steering wheel. I felt at home in the car just after five minutes of driving in it.

What do people usually know you for?
It has to be for cooking. I think it was first having an Instagram page where I was obsessed with pretty plating, then maybe for joining Masterchef Asia, and now as the in-house chef of Miele.

What’s something people don’t know about you?
I have a bunch of other interests — teaching cooking classes, fashion, photography, watches, movies, and keeping fit. Something that would surprise most people is that I actually don’t eat out that often, probably only two to three times a week.

Producer: Vanessa Caitlin
DOP: David Bay
Lifestyle Editor: Janice Sim

Sound: Hazirah Rahim
Hair and MUA: Christian Maranion

Experience the Volkswagen T-Cross in person here.