Healthy workplace equipment that promote physical activity and wellness

Newsflash: Sitting on a chair for eight hours a day whilst staring at a screen five days a work week is dangerously unhealthy. Why? The human body is not designed to sit in an office with no physical movement whatsoever. Not only is physical activity beneficial for your body, but it is also a natural mood elevator that in turn leads to enhanced retention and job satisfaction. But when it comes to juggling work, family, and personal commitments, exercise is often left on the sidelines. Worse still, sitting hunched over on a desk puts strain on your back, neck and wrists. Don’t fret — here are the best desk exercise equipment and ergonomic office accessories that are bound to leave you feeling energised and stress-free whether you’re working from the office or home.

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Pilates stretching balance board 500
Our teams designed this product to help you improve your balance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries (ankles, knees). Do you want to stimulate your proprioception? This balance board uses 70% of your lower body muscles. Diameter: 39.5 cm.
Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion
It has breathable fabric. The high-grade foam is for support. It is designed to relieve nagging backaches, numbness, and discomfort while you sit. Seat Solution Cushion with U shape curve to restore the spine's natural shape and the U cutaway is made for your tailbone. Releases the pressure on the spine, providing safe and healthy sitting.
Laptop Riser Stand
It is an ergonomic design with the screen positioned at eye level and tilted angle maximally relieve your neck and shoulder strain. Good sitting posture at your workstation means your body is relaxed. Height and angle adjustment according to ergonomic design which adjusts the posture. Correct posture eases pains in shoulder and waist for comfortable viewing, reading and typing. It is detachable & portable and has heat dissipation. The aluminium material itself has an endothermic function, help reduce laptops temperature naturally. Forward-tilt angle and open style design offers more space for airflow to keep your device cool.  
Cubii Jr
Cubii is the leading compact ergonomic elliptical to work out while you sit at home and office. Low impact on joints with 8 levels of resistance to increase your activity over time. Whisper quiet with a smooth gliding motion. Quick and easy assemble. 4 screws and you are done. Keep fit while you sit, you can multitask with the Cubii to make exercise a breeze. A built-in display monitor tracks real time, calories, RPM, strides and distance.
Mini Exercise Bike
Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, you can enjoy your exercise while using the computer, watching TV, or even while at work. Good for all ages, beneficial for improving cardiovascular function and promoting blood circulation comfortable pedal straps, sturdy frame and a non-slip bottom. Bring the gym home for convenient, anytime workouts with these weights. Ideal for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike, the versatile weight set provides the tools needed to create your own customized routine with the preferred amount of weight. Work everything from your chest and shoulders to your biceps and triceps.
Back Support Mesh
Easy Posture helps relieve back pain and provides support to the lumbar area of your while sitting and driving. Helps to put your spine in the correct "S" position for better posture and less strain on your spine. Breathable mesh fabric allows airflow while keeping you cool and comfortable while sitting or driving. Includes 1 Easy Posture Mesh Lumbar Support.
Balance Disc

Turn any chair or seat into an active one by placing the disc on top to add instability and strengthen your core. This posture-improving inflatable 16" Balance Disc will engage your abs and core muscles while you sit. Even works outdoors for a quick seat or on hardwood or carpet flooring. Great for a meditation seat or wherever you need a little extra cushion. By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can adapt it to your fitness needs and comfort-ability.

Mansfield Ergonomic Standing Desk
Ergonomic lifting working station for PC and laptop. It helps to avoid sitting for a long period of time whilst in the working environment. It is a neck and spine health protector. It also uses strong, stable and safe material and has easy lifting methods. The lifting height is 120mm(min) to 497mm(max). Its large table space allows double monitors, keyboard plus a mouse and other devices to rest on it.
Pedalling the DeskCycle at a leisurely pace of 1 revolution per second on the lowest resistance setting doesn't feel like exercise at all. Yet this will increase your Calorie burn more than using a standing desk. On a setting of 3 at the same pace, you will burn twice the amount of calories than you would just sitting at your desk. When using the DeskCycle at your desk you should set the resistance level to 3 or less. This low cardio zone increases your energy level and oxygen to your brain without distracting you from your work.