Best eyelash curlers for voluminous, lifted lashes

There are two types of people in the world: folk who use an eyelash curler before mascara, and folks who… don’t. As staunch advocates of the former camp, we’ll admit that it’s puzzling as to why people opt to forego this essential step. Is it because it resembles a torture contraption? Or perhaps it’s because you haven’t found the right one yet? Capable of transforming slick-straight, downward-pointing lashes into swoopy, fluttery works of art, it also amplifies the effects of mascara, creating further length and volume all while being ridiculously easy-to-use. Cons: none. Except perhaps when you mistakenly clamp down somewhere on the vicinity of your eyelid, but beauty is pain, right? Our top picks, below.

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Eyelash Curler
Specially designed for Asian eyes, the eyelash curler makes the most out of thin and sparse lashes by creating a well-defined curl that helps open up the eyes. Extra rubber pad included for convenience.
Eyelash Curler
Upgrading a cult favorite, Shu Uemura enhances its classic eyelash curler by upgrading the silicone pad and patented hinge for better performance and long lasting, natural-looking curl that instantly brightens up eyes.
Eyelash Curler
This eyelash curler adapts to all eyelid shapes and captures even the hardest-to-reach lashes without pinching the lid. With its rounded soft pad and squeezable mechanism, it is incredibly comfortable and effortless to use.
Eyelash Curler
A real makeup bag classic, the lash curler has become a staple over the years, but Natasha Denona’s innovative design ensures that you won’t experience any of the commonly felt problems like pulling and pinching.
Lash Curler
The Lash Curler from Hourglass is custom-designed to lift and curl your lashes like never before. Transform your face by reaching every lash from corner to corner without pinching.
Artist Eyelash Curler
Engineered with just the right amount of density, the silicone pad creates a natural looking curl that lasts all day and is gentle enough not to damage lashes.
The Eye Lash Curler
A slim, professional quality eyelash curler. Features a sleek, stainless steel frame that offers a firm grip. Creates perfectly curled lashes. Can also be used upside down to curl bottom lashes for a doll-like look.
ProCurl Lash Curler
Custom made for your eyes, the LASH LOGIC series of curlers have tailored radiuses that are skillfully curved for diverse eye shapes so no lash goes uncurled.
Relevée Lash Curler
This award-winning eyelash curler features a high-tech Japanese design alongside spongy silicone pads for supreme comfort, utilising a gentle clamping motion to help deliver expertly lifted, voluminous lashes.
Half Lash Curler
A demi-version of the M·A·C Full Lash Curler. Designed to lift and curl the shorter, more inaccessible lashes at the inner corner of the eye. Works with the same easy "squeeze and release" motion of the full-sized version.
Le Curler
Lancôme's Le Curler offers ultimate control with its specially designed no-slip grip to suit any eye shape and lash type. Its unique silicone pads guard against breaking and gently cushion every lash to create a sweeping, crease-free curl.
Lash Curler
This sleek Matte Black Eyelash Curler is designed with a comfortable ergonomic handle and a soft cushion silicone pad, this tool instantly helps eyes looks brighter and energised providing definition and noticeable long-lasting curl for every eye shape.