Best beauty advent calendars to buy for Christmas

While we’re all for maintaining the status quo when it comes to our favourite Christmas traditions (e.g. turkey, tree light-ups, and gift-giving galore), we’re amendable to slight revisions for tried-and-true holiday offerings. In 2019, bid adieu to chocolate advent calendars, and say salut to elaborate, luscious beauty renditions instead. Think 12 days of delectable serum, fragrance, and lipstick miniatures guaranteed to sate any beauty aficionado’s appetite. Below, merry offerings that made our wish list. Hint hint.

12 Results
The 12 Days of Grooming Kit
Advent Calendar
25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar
24-Day Advent Calendar
Frosted Party Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
Glittering Galaxy of Makeup Magic Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
Limited Edition Skincare Advent Calendar
Mini Mani Month 2019
Advent Calendar
Starring You Advent Calendar